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Relationships and Texting (SMS)

Updated on February 27, 2013
Today an average person sends over 250 SMSs per month, while a teenagers sends more than 3500 texts per month
Today an average person sends over 250 SMSs per month, while a teenagers sends more than 3500 texts per month

There is a valuable connection between relationships and texting. General SMS can be send throughout the world and they bring people closer together. However, if we are talking about dating and texting, we have to consider the two basic situations where dirty texts (or sexting) will give you the edge you need. Yes, sexting is just what we are about to cover. No matter your current relationship status, the whole article contains valuable advice, so don't be afraid to read on.

Sexting in a Relationship

You are in a relationship, but things just aren't going as well in bed, as you want. Problems in bed can be caused by a lot of issues both physical and mental. In our everyday lives we are surrounded by school, work, social communication and more. Stress is common, we often get home tired and we just don't have it in us to think about sex. It happens to both guys and girls.That is why if you want to have a healthy sexual relationship, we have to remind ourselves how great, relaxing and enjoyable sex really is. But how do we do that? Of course - dirty texts are here to help.Start by sending your loved one a simple not-so-dirty text. Simple things that will remind him/her of sex. For example 'I'm going to take a shower and I'm thinking of you'. Or 'My clothes feel so tight right now, I wish you were here to rip them'.And after that things get naughty. There are not rules in dirty texts. Embrace your fetish, and make your loved one blush in public by just reading the words you wrote. Go as far as to text a whole nasty and dirty love scenario. Run your imagination wild. Of course, for the men, I would recommend being more gentle and not-as-much go into detail, but rather stroke the surface and let her dirty mind handle the rest. If you are a gal, don't be afraid to go into details and explain exactly what you want to do to your man. Again - in dirty texts there are no rules.

Nowadays texting is bringing people closer together and helping new couples connect with each other
Nowadays texting is bringing people closer together and helping new couples connect with each other

Flirting with a crush via SMS

Dirty texts are a cool way to get things going when you are flirting with your crush or you've just got into a new relationship. In this situation, sexting is a bit more difficult, but even more exciting. The most 'casual' way to get into a session of dirty texts is to play stupid.That's right - you've heard me. Simply text things that can be read both ways, for example 'I feel it's getting hard' . Joking around is also a nice way to start, stuff like 'My bra is too tight, I can't wait to get it off', or 'I'm at the cinema and there's no one else here ... I wish you were next to me'Normally dirty texts can't really be forced, but if you want some guaranteed ways of success, there are two of them.One is the 'question game'. And here the dirty texts start as simple as 'I'm bored, you want to text?' Then get her or him to play this 'question game' with you and start asking him/her the most simple and ridiculous questions, such as "favorite color, favorite food, etc". Then, after a while start asking more naughty stuff, go as far as asking 'what's your favorite position'. You will see how fast things can get nasty and exciting, full of dirty texts.The second way is by saying 'Yesterday I had a great dream. You were in it.' And when they start getting curious, just explain nice and in details the most horny fantasy you had with the said person.

Flirting via sexting has proven to be a valuable part in a young adult's life
Flirting via sexting has proven to be a valuable part in a young adult's life

Dirty texts give you a very fun, exciting and sexy experience and can help you spice things up, just the right amount. Moreover they are really helpful. If you start sending dirty texts to someone a lot, you eventually learn what he/she likes in bed and how he/she wants to be treated. You learn new ways to tease them and even give them the pleasure they need. Don't be afraid to try it and don't be shy. If you want to have a nice sexual experience with dirty texts, then shyness is off the table. Talk to him/her what you'd like you two to do on the table.If you are searching for a nice way to tease your crush or loved one - dirty texts will help you a what. Sharing your nasty fantasies with the comfort and ease of dirty texts is definitely a thing you should try, if you already haven't. Overcome your shyness and start sending dirty texts right away!


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      5 years ago

      I like to talk with one with drity text 4fun my I number is 16062752822


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