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Relationships And Ending Relationships

Updated on March 31, 2016

Relationship and ending relationships like anything thing else they come and go. Letting go can often be hard but often beneficial in the end. In this article I will discuss letting go. Sometimes when it comes to people we really care about or have become emotionally attached to whether, part of that bond is by blood and family ties or by a long term mutual friendship. We tend to give too many chances for others to use, or constantly disrespect us in some form or fashion. After the many countless times of trying to find resolve it seems you constantly fail. Maybe because the other person truly cant see their wrong or worse they simply don't care. Sometimes you can tell a person how you feel everyday and try to convey the same message in a different way hoping that they will finally get it. Yet to no avail its the same ol shit . I have found that if you are honestly feed up then you must close the present line of communication and move forward. People need time to reflect this goes for both sides if its a family member you don't have to have to have a nasty exchange of words before or while doing so. Just follow the motto of Nike and do it. My reasoning for a peaceful parting of the ways is simple. Their will come sickness and death in the family and between the two of you and harsh words complicate things further. Id rather just not say anything at all because when we have to be around each other at those trying times in life that's one less problem to linger between us. Remember its easy to take the high roads when dealing with a low life and for doing so it will piss them off on the inside.

Another thing is truthfully to a large degree its your own fault. Oh wow! How is that so? You are probably too damn nice,kind or free hearted .That in of its self is the root of your problem. Stop turning the other cheek and being a door mat better yet a toilet for the world to shit own you. I guarantee you if implement a steady regime , of the same shit people give you things would change. People don't come out their mouth just any kind of way to those who spew venom back. Practice in your mind some scenarios that might occur with them. After all you have pretty much learned there habits and thought process. So when the time comes to burn them . Please burn them fearlessly and with pride. Revenge must be the equivalent to morphine because it can ease a lot of pain and feel so good while doing it. Turning the other cheek will only leave you with sore cheeks. Tooth for a tooth and an eye for an eye is is the mother and father of respect! Speaking of respect we should not by any means respect those who don't respect us. Just like the U.S. Bows to no other nation no matter how great. Neither should you and other people will respect you more if you conduct yourself as such. Now this kind of sounds like I'm contradicting myself so let me explain. After handling in a civil manner this new attitude should be a fresh start to all others of less importance in your life. By doing this you will gain a valuable skill and that is learning to assert your self effectively. Have you notice certain people don't get picked on or asked a bunch of dumb shit? Well this is the reason why. No one going to insult or belittle the one who will bite back.

In essence love hurts sometimes you got to let go. Depending on the type of relationship you may be better off distancing yourself from those stress you out. Its your own fault if you do nothing about. You will remain miserable. Stop apologizing and let them apologize to you sometimes . Folks don't see or reflect on their own wrong doings and misdeeds till you disassociate with them. Like I said as for others that are insignificant let the ball bounce where it may. This does not mean to be violent or not to use good judgment. But stop being a push over an apologist ,yes man and a Do Boy! If you a man let your nuts hang and if you're a women well act the role of a big breasted one no matter your bra size!


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