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Rendering Honor

Updated on June 4, 2015


I don't know if it was a ploy to stimulate reader response or whether the author of the post entitled "Please See Me As...Americans...As I See You" was the originator of the aforementioned article. At any rate, the author was annoyed with the contents of the commencement address that the First Lady delivered to the 2015 graduates of Tuskegee University.


From the onset, the author states that she is a conservative. She contends that as an American, it is her patriotic duty to articulate and to embrace beliefs that correspond to her conservative political views. She then questions why all Americans do not embrace the same political and philosophical views as she does. Having clearly enunciated her political affiliation, the author condemns the First Lady for delivering an unpatriotic commencement address.


While it was not explicitly stated, the author implied that the First Lady's speech left an indelible stain on the psyche of Tuskegee's 2015 graduates. But none of the graduates walked out. They sat there and withstood the First Lady's "unpatriotic ramblings." Personally, I do not know what the ramblings were all about. I did not hear the speech.


And, the author admits that she did not hear the speech in its entirety. In her own words, she writes, "I recently heard a portion of Michelle Obama's commencement speech to the 2015 graduating class of Tuskegee University."

Is it possible that it was not the content of the speech that fired the author up; instead, perhaps it was the individual who was delivering the speech that caused the author's red patriotic blood to boil? If that is the case, the author has erred in her summation of the intent and the content of the First Lady's Commencement Exercise Address. It is not uncommon for an individual to react presumptuously toward someone whom they do not reverence. More credence could have been added to the author's evaluation of the First Lady's speech had the author listened to the speech in its entirety. Since she did not, the possibility exists that the author has rendered an unfair judgment of the First Lady's Commencement Address. However, the following quotes make it abundantly clear what the author thinks of the First Lady.


Oh my...some of these young adults may have been ready to crawl under the nearest table, sigh and assume the fetal position.

This is what they get for all the money spent, for all the time spent and for their effort?

The First Lady of the United States painting the grimmest picture possible of their future. A future, in her words, of "taking up the Cause", "feeling the pressure" and "the difficulty, if they look like her".

She homed in on appearances!


In the above article, the author references the First Lady as Michelle Obama. Next she calls her The First Lady of the United States; and in her last reference, she addressed her as Mrs, Obama. .In the statement where the author references Michelle Obama as the The First Lady of the United States, it appears that the author has loaded the salutation with an air of disdain for the First Lady. In her next reference, she crops the First Lady's name with Al Sharpton's name. I assume the point that the author was trying to make was that the First Lady and Al Sharpton share the same historical perspectives. The fact that they do share similar philosophies and experiences is a boon for their audience. One cannot help but to note that Michelle is a very beautiful woman who is also a fierce intellectual giant. As a matter of fact, The First Lady embodies what America was founded to be. Thus she makes an excellent mouthpiece for the universal acceptance of people of all colors. Al Sharpton, with his front line uniform always on; his hair parted and combed to the back and his mouth, ever ready to subdue its prey, makes an excellent historical pairing partner for The First Lady. Fire on Fire is what the duo is; and each one of them carries their own ethic torch. Make no mistake, Obama and Sharpton are both front line American soldiers who wholeheartedly celebrate the fourth of July as well as June 19th. So we applaud the First Lady for having the chutzpah to deliver an address that pinpoints the challenges that are facing the 2015 African American Tuskegee graduates.


I believe that the author is jealous of the First Lady. As previously stated, The First Lady is the reality of the pregnanted words that the author contends, that as an American, she staunchly supports. Liberty and freedom are the cornerstones of American democracy and they are the foundation upon which this nation was established. Albeit the freedom that the fledgling government of the United States enunciated was denied to various minority groups; the liberty that was conceived by the words of the Declaration of Independence and secured by the Constitution of the United States firmly guarantees the emancipation of all Americans. Consequently, I need not know the contents of The First Lady's Speech to know that as The First Lady that if she told the graduates "to put their boots on; then they'd better put their boots on."


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