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Rendezvous In New York

Updated on March 4, 2011

The summer air caressed her face with its soothing touch as she stood outside of West 38th street. She was able to instantly surf the crowd with her eyes to find him staring at her. The butterflies in her stomach forced her to take a deep breath as she fixed her loose curls. He was now standing in front of her, more handsome than ever. She gulped, perturbed by his gaze. The light shone on his short hair, giving it a gentle gold tint. He kissed her bronzed cheek and held out his hand. She took the fine hand awaiting hers, and walked in the building. Her heart was racing. She was spending a whole week with the man she had been longing for. She timidly stole a look, every chance she got, at his perfect face. She wanted to know every part of him; those beautiful lips she had once kissed, those mysterious eyes she often found herself drowned in, and his touch, which she had been yearning for. The agonizing smell of curry seemed faint as his scent empowered her soul. She closed her eyes and took him in as they waited for the elevator.

They walked in the old apartment. She gently set her suitcase on the dusty wooden floor and looked around. He took off her coat and told her how happy he was that they were here, in New York, together. The long hallway came to an end as they reached what seemed to be the living room and kitchen. She turned to find a big room with a large bed in it. She walked in, felt the tired old mattress with her small hand and realized she was happy. Laurent came behind her and put his arms around her small waist. Her heart started to race once more. He kissed her neck and said, “I can’t believe I’m here with you, holding you and smelling you.” She closed her eyes and let the words float around her. She knew she was never going to forget that summer.

That night, they made passionate love. The walls couldn’t retain her screams and moans. He felt her soft skin again and again as it released the heat and passion she was engorged with. The world outside of that apartment was non-existent. He held her tight in his arms not thinking about the future, not thinking about the responsibilities that awaited them in the real world. They laid on the tired old bed, tight against each other as they exchanged sweet words that would have to last until they could speak them, once again.



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