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A Poem for Marriage

Updated on August 15, 2017


Marriage Attitudes


Sometimes a adjustments in attitudes, expectations and practices are needed. If there are none, a marriage may not survive. In married life, periods of ebb and flow occur. The person one marries may not be perfect, but hope is often held, that, one day one may "perfect" the other. This often leads to struggles that are common, ordinary, and possibly necessary for the marriage to grow, as each partner evolves and changes.

This poem is about the feelings experienced at these time of adjustments in marriage. Sometimes, when it feels like it is over, the marriage be revived. A marriage that has undergone some of these changes is about love and compromise—this is a Renewal of Love.



Holding Love Together


But...I loved you once, I loved you best, I loved you o'er the rest.
I loved you long, I loved you deep, I loved, you.

But...I thought our love was over,
I thought our love had passed.

The passion that we'd hoped for,
Seemed to fade; gone at last.

We'd lost the love we pledged to keep;
we forgot our loving past.

But...we took the time to search our hearts;
we took the time to search our past.

We found the place where we left off,
like a page from a book set aside.

We found the spot where the other stayed.
We found the place inside we let the other hide.

But...we've taken steps to bridge the gap we'd made from our pain.
We've renewed our hope, renewed our hearts inside.

But...I love you now, I love you best, I love you o'er the rest.
I love you long, I love you deep, I love you.

© 2012 ajwrites57

A Long

But...I Love You Now

But...I Love You Now.
But...I Love You Now.

Love Renewed

Love Renewed.
Love Renewed.

Renewal of Love

Marriage is a hoped for paradise of love. The union of two souls is a wished for freedom from loneliness and alone-ness. Two lives intertwined in a longed for desire to be one. It becomes clear that dreams and desires are often delusions. The emotions of love cannot be sustained in the face of reality.

Individuality, personal desires and freedoms need to be sacrificed for two to become one.The one’s wants and needs are to be set aside before unity can be realized. This is the difficulty partners face on the road to unity. The differences that were once loved often become a source of irritation and even anger.

The effort to merge two lives sometimes results in pain and loneliness—the opposite of the hoped for results. The tempest that is sometimes marriage causes the hearts and minds of both partners to swim and swirl. The very things that partners desire to be free from become the reality.

Both partners struggle through the pain, doubt, regret and fear. When the two can live beyond the trials and lost emotional love—a committed, sacrificial love will emerge. The discovery of the importance of putting the relationship ahead of the desires of the individual can be the key to moving beyond these shattered dreams and hopes.

This poem emphasizes the before and after of the in between painful, hurtful, fearful time. This poem is written from the perspective of the two coming together out to the other side, as one.

© 2013 ajwrites57

A Long

Marriaged Renewed

Marriage Renewed.
Marriage Renewed.

Your Marriage Relationship

How have you handled struggles in your marriage relationship?

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© 2012 AJ


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    • ajwrites57 profile image

      AJ 4 years ago from Pennsylvania

      Yes, Michael, that would be the perfect place and time to share this poem with a mate. Thanks for reading and commenting, friend! :o)

    • profile image

      Michael Estey 4 years ago

      This poem would be perfect, when two people renew their vows. Saying it together, to each other, face to face. It is beautiful.