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Best Advice for Men Shopping for an Engagement Ring

Updated on May 13, 2011

Advice to Help Men Find the Right Engagement Ring

The best advice for men shopping for an engagement ring is to observe and report. What I mean is that your girlfriend has her own style. She may be a plain and simple kind of girl or she might walk around dolled up like Paris Hilton. She many never wear a drop of makeup or she might never leave the house without a thick layer and false eyelashes. In either case, write these things down on paper and you will have better luck finding the right ring.


1. Does your girlfriend have a jewelry box? If so, take a peek! This is probably the best advice for men shopping for an engagement ring. If you see what your girlfriend already has, it will give you some insight into what she wants in an engagement ring. Once you look in the jewelry box, take note of these there more yellow gold or white gold? Does she have huge over-the-top pieces or are her things simple and elegant? Also, if she has a ring in the box, take it over to your jeweler to get it sized!

2. Does your girlfriend wear bright or loud clothing or is she more of a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl? Is she more trendy or more classic? If she likes bright or loud clothing, a traditional ring might not be a good fit for her. If she likes jeans and t-shirts, traditional might be right up her alley. If she is very girly and trendy she might won't something traditional and elegant with a modern twist.

3. What gets your girlfriends attention? Walk her by a couple of jewelry stores and try to start up a conversation about pieces in the window. You have to be pretty slick to pull this off but there are several ways you can start a conversation without being too obvious.Tell her that a ring in the window reminds you of your mothers or say that you want to look at the men's watches and casually walk by the women's rings.

Hopefully these pointers help! Its the best advice I have for men shopping for an engagement ring.


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