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Respect yourself & so will others

Updated on December 4, 2016

Time after time, so many relationships have ended due to the "He/She doesn't respect me." Well, when you meet someone you're clearly attracted to don't make the most common mistake of them all. Do not jump into the bed with that person the first time you meet them. Unless the both of you really understand & accept that it will be just that; a one night fling.

Some men & women who behave accordingly will assume the next day they will continue to be interested because phone numbers were exchanged. What happens when a few days go by and no response to phone calls or texts? You easily accepted the other party is no longer interested. A week goes by, low and behold the weekend has arrived and you receive that 2 a.m. phone call "What you doing; can I see you?” You giggle and agree. You believe you’re back in the game.

Several days later you are crying & complaining at how sick you are being treated. Why are you going to yell scream and hate the other person if this is what you choose when you do not show that you have respect for yourself? If you want someone to treat you respectfully then don’t behave in ways that make them believe you're not worth worthy of anything more.

Men (don't hate me for saying so) will take any female that will come their way it's human nature. Some women will confuse this with assuming the man is interested in them for a relationship. NO those men will see you as quick and easy pleasure. Unfortunately men can and have been able to lay with any women at any time (even pay for it; then leave). It’s all a physical act. There is a difference between one night stands and having sex for the first time during a relationship.

Women have the tendency to emotionally connect to men. It doesn't work this way. One night stands are labeled that for the exact reason. You cannot connect emotionally to someone who is only interested in your body. No matter what lines they tell you.

When you meet someone and there is attraction; refrain yourself from falling into the category of "Only good for one thing". Ladies: If you want a man to like you, be interested in you; DON'T sleep with him when you first meet. You will not be acknowledged as a self-respecting woman. Give yourself respect in order to receive it. Men: If you want a nice woman who you can respect DON'T call the one at 2 a.m. in the morning.

It’s this simple. If you don't want anyone treating you poorly DON'T behave poorly. If you want to be respected in a relationship begin by respecting yourself. When you respect yourself so will others or perhaps I should say; so SHOULD others.

Remember always; it’s better to be alone with dignity than in a relationship without respect.


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    • Herlinda Rocha profile imageAUTHOR

      Herlinda Rocha 

      20 months ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Your last sentence was a killer FACT, enjoyed your response.

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      20 months ago

      I meant to type I have (had) several long-term relationships with women I had sex with on the first night. If a guy really is (into) a woman he's not going to hold it against her for being (into) him.

      There are lots of women who have experienced dating men for months and after finally having sex the guy never calls back. Many believe it's because "He got what he wanted" but in reality most likely he was disappointed or felt it wasn't worth the wait!

      Maybe the women believe if you wait until the guy is emotionally committed then is they're not sexually compatible he'll be willing to try and "work" on that area. However women too sometimes have been disappointed with guys they (waited to have sex with) as well.

      Sometimes people are just sexually incompatible! (size, chemistry, libido)

      I know two women who waited until marriage (their second time around) to have sex and both were miserable and sexually frustrated.

      It's not (when) you have sex but (who) you have sex with that matters!

    • dashingscorpio profile image


      20 months ago

      "Men (don't hate me for saying so) will take {any female} that will come their way it's human nature." Even most men have (some standards)!

      If this weren't so there wouldn't be women who have never been asked out.

      For some guys it's about weight, race, face, physical shape, attitude or personality that makes them not even approach some women.

      Women reject men (directly) and men reject women (indirectly).

      Imagine a table in a nightclub with four women. A man approaches the table and asks one woman to dance. Essentially he (indirectly rejected) the other three! In fact in most instances if she turns him down and he asks another one at the table they too will reject him because they don't want to be "second choice". On some level they felt he rejected them!

      Most one-night stands happen for reasons which has nothing to do with whether the woman had sex the first night or not.

      1. If the guy is in a relationship or married he may not be back.

      2. If the sex was just "average" or uneventful/boring.

      3. During the course of the night she said/did something turning him off.

      Truth be told if the sex was a "mind blowing" experience even if the guy was planning only to have a "one-night stand" he can't help but come back for seconds!

      This is true even if he's in a relationship or married. That hot session will haunt him. I never had a "one night stand' with any woman who "rocked my world".

      I have several long term relationships with women I had sex with the first night (5-7 years) in length!

      Having said that there's this myth that women don't enjoy having one night stands themselves because they get emotionally attached. However if that were true there would be no female porn stars or prostitutes. Clearly women do have the ability to separate sex from emotion. Some women have no problem cheating on their boyfriends or husbands with one night stands while on a "girl's weekend getaway" or "girl's night out".

      Some women admittedly have stayed in "toxic relationships" because the sex was so good.

    • profile image


      23 months ago



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