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Retrieves love and passion in your relationship

Updated on February 27, 2016

The primary basis on which a relationship is based are: communication, trust, support, understanding, compatibility and complementarity. These bases lead to psychological intimacy between the couple.

The energy that moves a relationship is passion, manifested through a healthy and satisfying sexual surrender. This passionate delivery leads to sexual intimacy.

The relationship is a dynamic process in which both intimacies evolve to a higher degree of satisfaction and mutual commitment as they mature in their own psychological development. This maturation process occurs in both the person and the relationship. For example: as a person I'm not the same 20 year old met my husband. I've lived, I've had experiences that have given me more control over my emotions, I have some different priorities that had in the beginning and a greater range of issues in which I care. I'm almost a different person whom he met and fell in love. Meanwhile, it has also evolved into a more responsible person, more care in the proposed goals and less rigid in the way they see the world. A different man I met and I fell in love.

The relationship has also changed. From an emotional and physical mutual dependence in the beginning, now we both have a more autonomous life of each other each with its own goals and objectives which we share and we give mutual support. We have done and still carry different tasks in common they have given us and even give us great pride and satisfaction, for example, parenting and acquisition of material goods in common. In sexual intimacy, we have progressed to a mature sexuality comes with full confidence.

What characterizes the changes from one stage to another are the conflict. Conflicts arise in attempting to accommodate new information into existing and resistance that each has to accept it. Conflicts are a natural and expected experience within the relationship.

The difficult conflicts is that if not handled properly instead of promoting a healthier and satisfying coexistence, erode the power of passion bringing the couple to go farther and farther from each other. The areas that suffer most are the communication and psychological intimacy and sexual intimacy. If these deficiencies are not detected and worked efficiently these deficiencies, it is matter of time before the end of the relationship.

Therefore, periodic review of the relationship, taking into account such variables is imminent, if we retain full satisfaction of living as a couple for which we join first and to which we have every right.

Work your relationship ... worth.


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