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Revealing The Secrets Of A Lasting Marriage Relationship

Updated on September 27, 2015

Marriage is an institution which begins right when you say ‘I do’. It should be set on a strong foundation or else it will fall when the waves do come. It comes with commitments and responsibilities. There are happy times and also there are rocky times. It is the way you maneuver through those hard times that determine success or failure. Here are the ways through which you can always honour your marriage vows.

An Institution Designed To Last Forever

Placing a wedding ring
Placing a wedding ring | Source

Allow sharing of ideas or opinions

We are equal partners in marriage
We are equal partners in marriage | Source

Do not be a know it all partner

One of the main reasons why many marriage institutions is disregarding the feelings of your partner. Being self centered. Feeling that you are always right and no one can ever change your line of thinking. Remember that marriage. Consultation is the way to go. It makes your partner feel like a worthwhile part of this solemn institution.

Be the part of the change that you want to see

The other problem that ruins the marriage relationship is expecting too much from your partner. You always want to see your partner change this and that while you yourself. You should always be the part of the change that you want.

Solving The Differences Which Emerge


Solve your problems in a mature way

Another thing that ruins marriage relationships is immaturity when it comes to solving the differences. Differences and conflicts will always come but that does not mean the end of your relationship. Sit down with your partner and solve your issues. If you do not find a solution, seek the services of a marriage counselor.

Spending free time together


Spend some free time together

Being together especially away from revives the old sweet memories of dating. It also strengthens trust that exists between you and your partner. Try to share some hobbies that will keep the fabrics of your marriage intact.

Forgive and forget

You are going to get tired of your marriage if you keep on counting the number of times that your partner wrongs you. Marriage should be based on the principles of understanding each other. We are all human beings and therefore we all make mistakes. This however should not be an excuse for those who cheat on their partners. The forgive and forget rule applies to those things which you feel were beyond your power or control.

Be honest with each other

Honesty should always be your marriage principle. Always speak the truth no matter what the consequences may be. Truth will set you free at the right time. Can you imagine a situation where you cheat on your partner thinking that you are saving your marriage relationship and then she or he comes to realize the truth of the matter? What will happen to trust, one of the strongest pillar of any relationship?. It will also bring unending sense one of the greatest enemies of marriage.

Visiting romantic places


Remembering the romantic moments and mentioning sweet words

They form the foundation of your relationship and therefore they should be a part of you. Love fades when sweet words do disappear. Keep the fire of romance burning. Visiting sites and places the you met on your first date or made love first will bring on the sweet memories. It will remind your partner of that unique thing that he or she saw in you first. Hugs and kisses will also revive the sweet feelings of affection and concern.

Share the parenting responsibilities

These are the products of your marriage relationship. They belong to both of you. If it is a burden, then share the burden or the benefits.

Recognize and appreciate any of your partners’ achievement

Share the joy of each accomplishment with your partner. These are also the fabrics of your relationship and they keep you together. They will help you appreciate the qualities and anilities of each other.

Surprise your partner

Marriage should not be a boring institution where the obvious things are the order of the day. Surprise your partner with gifts. Whenever you receive a gift from your partner appreciate no matter how small it may be. Do not be selfish, be a giver also.

Surprise your partner with gifts


Have mutual friends

This serves to strengthen the trust that exists between you.


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    • Lipnancy profile image

      Nancy Yager 

      3 years ago from Hamburg, New York

      What wonderful advice, sometimes the simple solutions are the best.


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