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How to Save on Your Dream Wedding

Updated on February 6, 2018

So far in my life, planning a wedding has to be one of the most ridiculous decisions we have made. All of a sudden you get a big shiny rock and you think you have pennies to spare. Wrong! My fiancés is an amazing man. He is kind, funny sexy and thank god practical. If we were planning the wedding I had originally thought that I wanted we would be getting ready to start out married life upwards of $30,000 in debt. WTF is that about. We have instead decided to do something more casual and low key and we are still looking at $20,000 which is still insane. Below are 5 ways that we have been able to cut the cost and save money!

  1. A Dreadfully Long Engagement

    We got engaged in October 2017 and set the date for July 2019. Why so far away? Well because as mentioned above our budget is $20,000 and we do not have that kind of money lying around. It is now February 2018 and there is nothing I wish more then to be getting married this year but looking at our financial situation I know that we would have been so crunched for time if we had. When I really think about it I am a lot happier having another year to pay for things and make things.

  2. DIY Decorations

    Do it yourself can be a very tricky way to go about your decorations. Unless you are a crafty and patient person I really would not recommend DIY. One other thing that makes DIY projects a lot easier is it you have time. We are currently 17 months away from our wedding and I have so much to do still but I do not feel rushed at all. If I do not like the way something turns out I have got lots of time to rethink it.

  3. Old Contract Prices

    We lucked out huge on this one. We booked our hall in 2017 and because of that we did not have to pay the increase the made in 2018 (and I am sure they will again in 2019). Same with our catering. We have been able to save a few hundred dollars here and there because we were able to book so far in advance.

  4. Wedding Fairs

    These babies are a god sent. We did not plan on having a lot of decorations or getting any pictures done but because of draws that I entered at Bridal Fairs we won a $1000 credit to a very good rental company and a free engagement session. My MOH put it best when she told me to “enter everything!”

    Another amazing part of Bridal Fairs are the dress sales. I got my wedding dress from Bridal Fantasy and it was 40% off and I love it. I was very nervous thinking I would miss out on the whole bridal experience but to my surprise they ladies there were great. They helped me find the dress and made sure it was my size. It fits perfectly and will not need any alterations but they still gave me a discount to their store seamstress which was great.

  5. Buy and Sell Pages

    Facebook is amazing. If you have the time to check and keep checking the buy and sell pages then do it! We were able to get 300 chair covers for $200 saving us a large chunk of change. If you are not a DIY project person this is a great place to shop around things other people have made and are selling for a lot cheaper. I must say that it can be tricky if you do not live in the big city but most of the people I have talked to have been great about holding items for us. Just be upfront about your location.

© 2018 Katie Bills


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