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Love is Spiritual and Sex is Biological: Are Women spiritually stronger, and are men biologically superior?

Updated on May 22, 2011

The Great Disconnect

Separating love and sex has caused the decline of most marriages and has elevated infatuation to a place that it should never been assigned to. Sex cannot be performed without emotions and linking those emotions only to the physical is not only wrong but unfair to ourselves as men and women respectively. After intercourse continuous feelings of rapture or disgust remain and if they are cut off or shut up and pushed back, these emotions create calluses around the spiritual part of love to protect it from any serious damage.

However, the physical act of sex remains and the emotions around it feed upon itself creating the desire for more of what was good or less of what was so disgusting before. If the partner changes, the act and the emotions that were with the person when the act was first performed mix into the next sexual act. These emotions try to build upon one another to create a definition of love proving that the act contains the spiritual. However it is not complete, the rest of the character of a person has to take part in the joy that sex has introduced through the physical, this is the search for love.

Many a man and woman have looked for love based on sex alone yet the biological for both is insufficient. Women maybe able to put into words what their spirits cry out for in a mate but they are not any more or less able to access this than men. This is not to say that a couple cannot work their way through a relationship based on sex but it definite makes the waters more difficult to wade through, especially with the relationship is going through times when sex does not cover the problems the relationship is suffering from.

A proper connection in relationships that develop into love come from the spiritual character of both the man and woman. Attraction of like and admired views and vantage points excite the senses and stir up emotional loins in direct bond to the passions of the physical ones. Any action before this crucial time confuses the definition of love because the emotions behind sex are a direct link to the spiritual. Therefore, prematurely entering into the secret chambers of love and the excitement it creates can confuse a clear message that the other is sending us spiritually and the focus centers around the sexual act alone.

How can there be a differentiation between the emotions that supply true love and the passions sex? It has been said of healthy romantic relationships that the partners are best friends or “soul mates” which is a clear indication that love may grow the strongest when a spiritual connection exists.

Signed with admiration,

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