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How does one master the art of flirting and became a girls magnet?

Updated on April 19, 2010

Getting the girls or Getting The One

With all do respect to age old questions and problems, I'd like to give my take on attracting the opposite sex.

Men,keep conscious that women enjoy the idea that they are the first thing that guys think about went they wake and that they remain on their minds throughtout the day. While this maybe true in various forms anyway,men have to express to women that they are interested in them being the only one. In this way she can accept a space in the man's mind that other women are occupying, however that man has to have certain things going for him.

First, he must chose his words carefully. He must not be a liar but he must speak as if he knows that a lady, not just a woman, is in the room. You don't need flowery speech just respectful and thoughtful words. You must take charge of who you are, meaning that wherever you are in life you must own it and also have some sense of direction of where you are going to take it. If you have a command over something, most importantly your life this makes her believe that you have power.

Next, own what your personal style is but be able to adapt to whatever style fits the atmosphere. This is not personality but clothing, never change your personality, be who you are 100% and respect whoever she is and whatever she does as if she were a friend. Cleanliness is very important, we like the smell of a freshly washed man just as you like the smell of a clean woman. Chivalry is not dead but alive and very sexy as evidenced by chick flicks everywhere. A girl has got to know that you will give yourself for her whether you are looking for the one or just love looking at women (warning: loving to look at other women can make you lose out on the one!)

Keep your mind on what you like about her as she is speaking, whether it is the breeze catching her hair or the way she pronounces a word. This ensures that if your mind wanders she will know that your thoughts are still on her.

Finally if you are stuck in a rut, (being a hopeless geek, loner, or just shy) take some time investigating what it takes for you to get that first look, this could be as simple as changing your clothing or hanging out with a group of men that attract more women. Then remember all of the above and the rest will take its course.

A final note, do things that you naturally enjoy in front of women, this will peak their interest because they'll see your passion about something, BUT most of all, remember to have fun!

Your friendly universal,




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    • ngureco profile image

      ngureco 9 years ago

      A good photo here - that tells it all. Look at that smile, the eyes contact, confidence and happiness. Indeed there is lots of love and fun in that photo.

      Thank you, Riley's Outlook.