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Rocketeer wedding, the dress and the jetpack

Updated on February 18, 2016

The decision

It all started when Rosie said, while watching The Rocketeer," I would love to get married in that dress". Nathan replied "only if I can have what he is wearing".

The decision was made, A Rocketeer wedding it was to be!

Rocketeer helmet

How it was done

The grooms outfit.

It took a lot of time, effort and searching of the internet and shops to find the right clothes, and a close friends initiative and contacts to get the jet pack. But it all came together and the grooms link here tells you how.

Rocketeer jetpack. For the boy in your man

The bridal gown

The brides dress

Which started it all.

This was made by a lady, who also made the flower girls dresses

a lovely dress it was too!


When you plan a themed wedding it's nice to have a venue to match, they were lucky as close to home we have many choices.

They chose Lamport Hall for the wedding itself, a grade 1 building with classical frontage and gardens for the photo's.

For the recept[on the perfect spot just a few miles away, the Aviator, at Sywell Aerodrome, What could be a better way than following the theme at a light aircraft field!

Three best men and three bridesmaids

Entrance to the Aviator

Make the full use of your venue

At night you may find good photo's can be taken outside as well as in. At the aviator the bride, groom and photographer were allowed on the roof, and the lady who organizes functions was able to arrange for a few shots with a plane.

Do not be afraid to ask for extras, they can only say no!

Nathan is singing, There is no such thing as love

The little things make all the difference.

Nathan and Rosie spent many hours thinking how to make personal touches for their day, and many more making them. It was worth the effort and would be a good thing to try for your special day.

The order of Service

A small comic book made with the aid of a computer, printer and many hours of patience.

Telling the story of the day and including the the music titles and readings used during the ceremony.

Seating names were made to look like old style tickets, they had admit one on the back

A camera? No a box for cards. Much better than just putting them on the table.

The aeroplanes were used as table centres, each one different and supported by gas filled balloons. Ordinary balloons go flat before the day is finished unless you buy a special spray for them.

During the meal the film played silently in black and white to the music soundtrack.

A great idea, it helped everyone to understand the theme and a lot of people were caught watching it

Rocketeer wedding cake

Jennifer Connelly? No Rosie Gibson


People were told they could wear what they wished, except for the bridesmaids, best men and usher.

Father of the bride bought himself a late 30's style suit, others also wore clothes of the era, pin stripes and wide lapels for the men and a flapper in a hat to match. Someone even wore a flying jacket. (There was still snow in the shade)

Mafia and flappers welcome

The main thing is to have fun, Oh and the backpack is pretty heavy!

Three best men? Don't be afraid to be different

Wedding ideas

I hope this gives everyone some ideas for weddings and parties. It was great fun. Certainly the best wedding I have ever been to, and not just because it is my son.

Girls it just goes to show, give your boy the right incentive and he may marry you yet.


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    • dingyskipper profile image

      Carolyn 2 years ago from Northamptonshire

      Sorry I have no idea, the dress was actually made for nothing by a family member as a gift, the pattern was made proffesionaly, and prices vary greatly

    • profile image

      Me_in_KC 2 years ago

      I LOVE THIS DRESS? Could you give me an idea of what it cost to have it made?