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Romance on a Budget

Updated on December 8, 2008

How to weather the economic storm and declare your love

Every day the news blares dire predictions about economic distress. Credit cards are locked down and home buying is at a standstill. Many people have lost their jobs, or are in fear of losing their jobs. In times like these it can seem like old fashioned romance is impossible, but never fear! Romance is still alive, and doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars because love is priceless. If you are struggling in these tough economic times but still want your significant other to feel special, here are some ideas to say “I love you” on a budget.

Handmade Gifts Have Heart


With many people a period of unemployment means a whole bunch of time suddenly empty time. You can only print, send, and deliver so many resumes before you run out of jobs to apply for. When you have extra time on your hands one of the best things you can do is to pick up a hobby or craft. Whether it be knitting, woodcarving, or home repairs there are tons of ways to spend your time that are productive and don’t involve the TV. Nurture your creative side by making things, specifically for your significant other. A handmade gift, whether it be mittens or your special someone’s favorite paint color in the kitchen, a gift made with the labor of your hands is ten times as dear as any store bought gift.

Revive Good Memories


In tough times many of us look backwards to remember better days and easier times to get us through. One of the best ways you can remind your significant other of your love is by bringing back the happy memories the two of you share. There are a variety of ways to go about doing this. Make a scrapbook or photo album of fun times you’ve shared together. Or, arrange a trip to a spot, like a park, where you two shared a special moment. Everyone goes through dark times, but by simply reliving good memories we realize how great things can be once again.

Take Advantage of the Great Outdoors


Mother Nature doesn’t charge you a fee to enjoy her wonders, so take fullest advantage of the beauty of nature. Fun winter activities include snowshoeing and cutting down your own Christmas tree. In the spring and summer you can enjoy picnics and scenic hikes. Fall is also prime hiking season, as well as a great time to pick your own apples and pumpkins and the try your hand at some baking. The great outdoors can make for wonderful future memories, and outside activities provide a great opportunity for exercise, especially for those of use who hate gyms. 



Whether you are experiencing tough economic times or are riding out the storm in relative comfort, the ideas above make for great romance regardless of your finances. Like the saying goes “money can’t buy me love”. Go out, create wonderful memories together, and rejoice in the simple fact that at least you have each other.


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    • bloggering profile image

      bloggering 6 years ago from Southern California

      Great reminder that the simple things are what really matter in the long run. Love the Cavalier in your picture - I used to have one too - great dogs!