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Romancing The Stone..Find The Love Of Your Life And Keep It!

Updated on September 9, 2009
Let two hearts be one.
Let two hearts be one.
When you need positive energy!
When you need positive energy!
These little ones can move mountains !
These little ones can move mountains !

These beautiful stones do more than just look good in a piece of jwellery!

Love can be the most potent of all emotions. We strive to find that special someone who accepts us for truly what we are, a loving companion for the rest of our lives.

We all need love to thrive and survive ...dont we?

Love may have taken a backseat in todays hectic times, where we are constantly on the go 24/7 to make ends meet, pay the bills, get a loan, pay a loan, upgrade our career profile and slog till we drop ! But love remains on our minds and hearts all the time.It needs to surface, to come out and find the one our hearts can cherish and nurture.

Do you know these little crystals and gems can do mighty things for your love life?

They can find you love, sustain love in a relationship, bring back an estranged lover or fan the passionate fire once again!

All you have to do is select a gem or a crystal according to your needs, cleanse and program it. Its an easy way to add some power where you need it.

Crystals and gems are believed to have psychic powers and energies and they can have a great impact on our lives. They enable us to be charged by their energies.Healing, comforting,soothing and multiplying our positive energies.

They not only look beautiful, but enrich our lives greatly.Many a times we do all we can but fail to achieve positive results...the fruit of our hard labor.

What goes wrong? Perhaps we fail to see the negative vibrations acting as a barricade !

Sometimes our energies are unable to fight off these negative vibrations on our own,thats where gems and crystals play a big role !

Gem stones and crystals are full of powers and energies that come from the mother earth.The vibrations emitting from them can become attuned to your vibrations to bring you more of that kind of energy like love, prosperity, good luck and fortune !

Its best not to wear more than two cystals/gems at a time.

To wear a crystal you would first need to cleanse it in order to remove negative vibrations that comes from other people handling and touching your crystal.You know it must have changed so many hands before you.

You can cleanse your crystal by giving it a salt water bath as salt is considered very good for removing negative energies and vibrations.

You can also soak the crystal 6 to 7 hours in salt water.

The method -: Get a glass or a plastic bowl, fill the bowl with one inch water,then add one tablespoon of salt.Sea salt is a good choice for this can keep this bowl in sunlight for a couple of hours.

Programing the crystal-: Hold the crystal in your hand, roll it gently, hold it and close your eyes. Now think of what u desire the most, here we are discussing about love so if you are looking for love close your eyes and think of your loved one and breathe that wish into your crystal or gem. Repeat it 5 to 6 times.

You can choose the gem/crystal according to your need and program it this way. Be it to bring back a lover, get more out of your love life or to find the love of your life! Inhale calmly and deeply, think of what to want and then exhale, breathe it down on the crystal/gem.

Some gems and crystals to help you with the matters of the heart .

*Rose quartz--: gift it to the one you love for love that lasts a lifetime.

*Gold stone--:An energy stone that adds spice and fires up your love life.

*Selenite--:To reconcile lovers.

*Dendritic quartz--: For growth and pleasant change.

*Opalite--: Soothes your nerves.

*White jade--: For true love

*Honey calcite--:Balances your chakras, imbalanced chakras can play havoc with your life.

*Rhodonite--:Reconcilliation and strengthens love.

*Sunstone--:Increases power of attraction and sexuality.

*Moonstone--:Brings passion in your love life.

*Goldstone--: Increases vitality and desire.

*Lapiz lazuli--:For truth and honesty.

*Malachite--: For sensuality and balancing the relationship.

*Garnet--: Strenghthens trust.

*Ruby--: For love and endurance.

*Hematite--: For emotional support.

Keep your crystal/gem in a purse with you always, better still wear it around your neck to enjoy the maximum benefits.Choose a crystal/gem carefully and have a lovely, beautiful life together!

~~~~Some beautiful gems and crystals~~~~


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    • crayonbrains profile image

      crayonbrains 8 years ago from The World Is Mine !

      Thank you for visiting my hub, i love these stones too !

    • prasetio30 profile image

      prasetio30 8 years ago from malang-indonesia

      nice stone, It looks beautiful.