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Dancing romantically to set the mood

Updated on March 26, 2015

Is Dirty Dancing Romantic ?


Dancing always has it's advantages

Getting onto the dance floor wasn't always easy for me, but once I broke the fear of being seen by others on the floor I was ready to get into the groove. Dancing has been an outlet for many people to set the stage for exciting displays of beauty and bodily form.

Romance is something that can be enhanced to a higher degree when it comes to the dance world, and people who learn the art of seductive dancing will agree, it ease's the aching soul.

Women are very unique when it comes to the elements of seductive dance, which tends to render the male in submission without a way to change his mind from focusing on her body. The contour and shape of a woman is what is the primary factor that lures a man into her clutches, as she maneuvers her movement into many swaying motions. The hips make him stunned in his place, and this can last for hours on end, where the male will stare with a particular gaze at her bodily actions on the dance floor.

He knew her moves very well

An iconic scene from the dancing finale
An iconic scene from the dancing finale | Source

The Night Club

Going out to clubs to find people, to date, to have fun with friends, and to seek a romantic night of dancing pleasure is what many people do today, and have been doing for years.

A night club can make for a great escape from the everyday hustle, and pressures that people experience, so dancing is what many look forward to. I loved watching the dirty dancing movie many years back as a child, which became my motivation to learn as well, & so movies can help us all get into the swing as well.

Romance on the dance floor in a club can be tough at times depending on how crowded it is, the female to male ratios & the particular season of the year it is as well. I do believe the summer is the best time to go out and party with a loved one, because when it comes to romance the less clothes the better sometimes. That's strictly my opinion, but many people may prefer the spring. I think that dancing takes a great deal of energy from a person, but the die hard dancers never seem to lose their energy, while simultaneously enjoying the breath taking moments of physical exertion translated into pure joy.

Singles clubs are really tough to enjoy at times, because all the added pressure of everyone trying to find a date, so the levels of romance are pretty much minimized in those kinds of scene's. Adult night clubs are probably the best to find that one important night out that you may need to show your spouse or partner what you feel in the form of dance, and on a scorching hot night out on the town.

House Parties is where it's at


House Parties - Heat Partners Up Like Crazy

The house party is the number one all time event where many romantic experiences seem to take off, especially those dealing with people that have yet to discover that they fell for one another yet. This tends to happen as they are on the dance floor, and while they are in the moving process of discovering one another, & their bodies motion together.

This can make for a very heated experience leaving both partners in a very passionate mood. Dance movement has the potential to stir desires much more, during, and after a dance of this type, where their bodies are locked in motion mostly.

I've personally experienced this many times as a young person, going to different house parties in the neighborhood I lived in New York City, where many people tend to throw these gatherings frequently.

Even birthday parties could bring rise to these very unexpected happenings on the dance floor dealing with romantic occurrences that weren't planned.

Modern dance
Modern dance | Source

Cool dance lessons on Amazon

Dance Recommendations from experience

Actually many people today just don't get into dancing enough as they use to in years past, this may be a reason so many people are outta shape as well. Those who tend to dance on a regular weekly basis, have a much better physique & are highly social. This may have a huge effect on the persons psyche, in which helps to increase self image and many other human qualities that are found in active individuals.

If you want you should give dancing a try, what I use to do was use a Walkman and simply create my very own club either at home, or while waiting for public transportation many years back. This is a cool technique that really doesn't cost anything, and you can still get your body in motion, prior to feeling embarrassed in front of a large group of people. I don't recommend going straight to the club scene's, because they may be kinda overwhelming for even the average dancer if your not comfortable with things yet or go at it alone.

  • Try talking dancing lessons as well, this will help you gain knowledge & understanding as to specific dance patterns you can learn from.
  • Video games today have dance software that anyone can purchase, & their highly interactive like using the Nintendo Wii, or Xbox "Zumba Fitness".
  • Get a dance partner that will be willing to go with you anywhere you like to dance, & will also be willing to have a fun time. Having fun! is the single most important factor of it all.


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