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Romantic Gift Ideas for Him

Updated on November 8, 2015

In this article we will share some unique romantic gift ideas for him. Gifts that will let you express your feeling for him with a physical token of your love.

These gifts are perfect for Valentine's day, to celebrate an anniversary or if you just want to show your man you love him.

Personally I prefer gifts that your man can carry around with him. Something that can always remind him of you.

Message in a Bottle Personalized Gift

Want to convey your emotions to your loved one in a special way? Try Message in a Bottle Personalized Gift. It is a unique way to send messages in a full size,12.5 inch bottle with floral fragrance and also real burnt paper edges.

The nicest thing about this gift is that it allows you to share your true feelings with your loved one and he can keep them in the bottle forever. Then when he needs to he can open the bottle and the scent and your words will trigger memories of your love.

Foot pair keychain (accompany you to ends of the earth) - Gift for couples

The idea with these keychains is that you give one to your partner and keep the other one. Then you each always have something to remind you of the other person.

This is a cheap romantic gift idea, while still remaining meaningful.

Red Heart Shaped Ghirardelli Chocolate Filled Tin

This is a heart shaped tin full of premium chocolates. I like that the tin is in the shape of a red heart and that the chocolates inside are also heart shaped. The symbolism is obvious, you are telling your guy that you are giving him your heart.

As the chocolate is high quality stuff it would make a perfect gift for chocolate lovers. It's great getting something sweet from your sweetheart.

Valentine Amore Romantic Gift Set - Bed of Roses Scented floating silk rose petals and tea light candles

This isn't really a gift as much as something to help you setup a very special evening.The gift set contains scented rose petals and tea light candles. The soft light and scent can really set the mood on Valentines day.

You can spread the rose petals on the water-filled bath tub, bed, or even pool to create an inspiring setting.

In short, this can definitely set the mood for romance and intimacy. This is the kind of romantic gift I would love to get.

Timeless Love Stainless Steel Men's Watch: Romantic Jewelry Gift For Him

This would be a perfect Valentines’ Day gift to him. Giving a man a premium watch tells him that your love for him will last forever. A quality watch isn't a cheap gift, but if we can't spend our money on the ones we love, what good is it.

In addition, this watch is accented with 11 genuine diamonds and can be worn on every occasion. It is also a truly romantic way to remind him on the moments that you have spent your time with him and also the development of the love life for both of you.

This time piece does not cause skin irritation or discomfort to the wearer. It's made from steel and partially plated with gold.

BoldLoft "From My Heart to Yours" Couple Pillowcases

This gift is highly recommended for newly wed couples, who are on their honeymoon and also married couples, to help them celebrate their anniversaries. These pillowcases are a cute way to express your feelings of love for him. The pillowcases will will remind him of you whenever he goes to bed. Whether you are there or away.

By using these pillowcases, you can also reminisce about the time you spent with him. It is also a way to enjoy your slumber, after a hard day’s work.

Hugo Boss Baldessarini For Men By Hugo Boss, Eau De Cologne Spray 2.5 Ounce

There are a lot of scents out there that are unisex at the moment. Not this one, it's very masculine. Lots of sandalwood and a hint of musk. No one will mistake this scent for a women's perfume.

Considering the price you are really getting a cologne which should be much more expensive.

Neck Tie and Cuff Links Gift Set

Nice gift set for a professional man. The tie is 100% silk and it matches with the cuff links.

This is a nice gift to that he can wear at work and it will of course always remind him of you when he is away from you. The green and gold goes well with a white shirt and dark blazer.

The gift set's brand is Y&G.

Sweet love song

I hope you have found these fun and unique romantic gift ideas for him useful.

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Give him your heart with this chocolate filled tin
Give him your heart with this chocolate filled tin


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