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Romantic Hobbies For All Occasions Not Just Valentine’s Day

Updated on September 3, 2019
Tricia Deed profile image

Tricia Deed has spent many years swimming in different types of waters. It is her favorite summer activity.

Lakeside Romance

Strolling alongside a lake giving each other undivided attention is romance at its finest. This couple is sharing blissful moments binding their love.
Strolling alongside a lake giving each other undivided attention is romance at its finest. This couple is sharing blissful moments binding their love. | Source

Romance Definition

Interviewing a variety of people with the question of defining the word romance would result with different answers. Much would have to do with their concept of love.

Romance may mean writing a poem or painting a portrait of your loved one. Another person may define an evening of dancing or riding a horse on a moonlit night. Sitting at home with a loved one sharing popcorn and watching a movie may be very romantic. Regardless of the chosen activity the motivation for being romantic is sharing time and tender heartfelt moments with your favorite person.

Valentine’s Day have many men considering chocolates, roses, stuffed bears, or sexy pajamas for their love. Not all women want these items. Not many men would like these items.

Men are often criticized for not being romantic. These men are helped with many suggestions advertised by commercial companies on Valentine's Day. This can help, but most romantics prefer originality of thought.

The decision for a romantic pursuit or gift is one which has value and is shared by both people with similar rewards. The individual rewards may be experienced differently, but both share in the emotional state of caring and tenderness together.

Quiet Moments Together

Fishing is the activity which this couple enjoys. Togetherness in a quiet environment will speak volumes.
Fishing is the activity which this couple enjoys. Togetherness in a quiet environment will speak volumes. | Source

Pleasurable Hobbies As Romantic Gifts

Romance means taking time to understand and know what is pleasurable to the other person. Traditionally chocolates are a cherished gift expressing love. But if the receiver is desperately trying to lose weight this gift would cause him or her to be very upset and angry. This gift is also saying “you haven’t been listening to me about my weight loss program.”

A romantic gift takes thought. Sharing a hobby or similar interests can be a gift which is constantly shared by both parties. Take time to know one another's interests. This is the first critical step for romance.

Sharing a quiet environment will have couples talking to each other. No phones, no in home or street noises, no unexpected visitors, no interruptions of any variety to cause distractions. This is dedicated time to communicate with direct eye contact, a variety of thoughts, dreams for the future, funny stories, memories, and much more.

Couples need romantic bonding for long lasting relationships.

The First Touch

Do you remember your emotions or feelings the first time you held each other's hands?
Do you remember your emotions or feelings the first time you held each other's hands? | Source

Romantic Hobby Ideas

Creating an original idea may seem like a mountain to climb. But if you truly know the other person's interest it is rather simple. Need help? Ask what the other person would consider romantic.

Romantic Ideas:

  1. Sharing a meal in your favorite restaurant
  2. Preparing a favorite home cooked meal.
  3. Dancing at a popular night club
  4. An airplane flight to a dreamed location
  5. Tickets to a theater performance
  6. Tickets to a sports event to support both of your favored team
  7. His or her favorite gift in the color of red
  8. Sharing time together on a moonlit beach or watching a beautiful sunrise or sunset
  9. Time to share tender intimacies such as holding hands, a gentle kiss, a hug, and kind loving words.
  10. Reviewing memories with photos or electronic recordings
  11. Listening to favorite cuts of music accompanied with wine and cheese

In long time relationships, reopen together what made your dating with each other special. This may spark the romantic moment of activity which was enjoyed by both. When no one knows what to talk about take a walk through memory lane.

A Sunset Kiss

End your romantic encounter with a memorable kiss and a sweet embrace.
End your romantic encounter with a memorable kiss and a sweet embrace. | Source

A Romance To Remember

Men and women are human beings, they are not from separate planets. Both like many of the same things. To help each other discover, begin, and maintain a romantic hobby, let’s…

  1. Communicate with each other. Talk about different things. Do not interrupt when one is speaking.

  2. Use direct eye contact to give the speaker undivided attention. Let the speaker finish their sentences or their thoughts. Turn the cell phone off.

  3. Ask each other for assistance, don’t rely on the other person reading your mind. Ask open-ended questions to encourage creative thinking. Both of you bring varied knowledge and experiences to the table of ideas. This is a sharing of interest in order to learn more about each other.

  4. Express appreciation for each other’s thoughts and ideas. Praise when appropriate. Do not critique with negative comments.

  5. Truly understand the other person’s feelings about hobby interests.

  6. Surprises are fun. It breaks up boredom.

This list will help organize romantic hobbies to share. Think about it. Unless you communicate with each other and truly understand each other’s interests and feelings how will you know what hobbies will be pleasurable?

Romantic Dining

Romantic dining can be done in the home, on the beach, at a campsite, during a picnic, or in a restaurant.
Romantic dining can be done in the home, on the beach, at a campsite, during a picnic, or in a restaurant. | Source

Romance Together

Romantic means doing something which both of you will enjoy. It cannot be one-sided. Do not get upset if a favored hobby cannot be done because of lack of funds or health limitations. Search for another worthwhile pursuit. The expression, “When one door closes, another opens” is very true.

For example: One person loves horses and would enjoy riding a nature trail. The other person may not be able to ride a horse because of a bad back or fear of horses. Another outlet which may be considered would be walking or hiking a nature path. If this too is unsatisfactory perhaps one person can guide a horse drawn carriage while the other rides comfortably in the wagon. Both people are enjoying a horse ride, the outdoors, and exploring another form of horse transportation. Hence, the importance of talking and understanding with each other to discover new opportunities and experience pleasant feelings to make time together fulfilling and rewarding.

It matters not what the hobby is. It matters that the hobby is favorable to both and mutually shared. Have fun together.

Love From The Heart

Your gift needs to be from the heart.
Your gift needs to be from the heart. | Source

Romantic Love

Men are accused of not being very romantic. Ladies, help them. They appear to know only what is advertised or advised by other men and friends. Romance means different things to different people. Gently suggest to your partner what is romantic. Most men will do their best to please your desires.

Some men would like their women to be more romantic. Women can get much help from their family and friends for suggestions and ideas.

Romance is spontaneous. Emotions need to bond. Be in the moment and enjoy cherished time together.

Hobbies That Let Couples Spend Quality Time

Hobbies For Romance

Have you chosen your romantic hobby?

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    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      3 years ago from Norfolk, England

      There's some lovely ideas of spending romantic times together. I love romance and being romantic.


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