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Introduction Agency

Updated on October 21, 2011

Romantic London Introductions

Romantic London was formed in 2011 by the UK's Top Business Gure " Ron Holland" author of books such as "The Eureka Enigma and Turbo Success".

One of Ron's clients was looking for a new business set-up but was not sure which direction to take. So he asked Ron if there was anything he could think off.

Well if you've read his books, Ron likes to set his mind a question, then sleep and see if any ideas emerge from the questions he's asked himself prior to sleeping.

Well he did and has come up with Romantic London, far from being a internet dating agency, Romantic London would become a off line introduction agency.

The Business Module

So now with the Idea of the business in place, Ron contacted his Client who was based in Slovakia and spelt out the new business plan.

A office would be set up in both Slovakia and London respectfully, Ron would run the London operation and his client the Slovakia side of things.

Being a off line introduction agency the business needs the following to function.

In Slovakia his client has the task of setting up the business of recruiting ladies who are looking for a partnership or romance with men from the United Kingdom, America and Canada.

A recent showing on SKY NEWS estimated around 25000 young ladies from areas such as Slovakia where signing up to dating agencies every year looking to find a suitable partner abroad.

In London Ron was now forming the business end, he has the task of recruiting YOU, to become a business associate, as a Royal Ambassador or Ambassador

Whats Do You Get

Now this is a business in a box, everything has been put in place to make you joining as a business associate very easy, the following are part of the Business package.

1. Promotional Material

2. Training Manuals

3. Personnal Training

What should you expect from Romantic London, well the marketplace estimated value is in the multi billion range, you can expect large commission with regular payments.

For further information, email;


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    • mike1242 profile image

      mike1242 6 years ago from London

      David please fill in the enquiry box details and we will contact you directly. mike

    • profile image

      David 6 years ago


      Can you shed any light on how much it costs to join?