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Romantic, Meaningful and Affordable ways to celebrate your Wedding Anniversary

Updated on June 4, 2014

File:President & Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower 39th wedding anniversary at their farm in Gettysburg, Penn.

File:President & Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower 39th wedding anniversary at their farm in Gettysburg, Penn.jpg
File:President & Mrs. Dwight D. Eisenhower 39th wedding anniversary at their farm in Gettysburg, Penn.jpg | Source

Summary of romantic ways to celebrate your wedding anniversary

1 Communication is key to a healthy relationship

2 Have a nice family gathering

3 Give your spouse a thoughtful gift

4 Cook a sumptuous meal together

5 Be romantic

6 Give back to society

7 Discover your creative side through paintings, pottery and making a scrapbook

8 Go out to interesting places

9 Have a romantic dinner or go to the theater

10 Bring out the wedding photographs and CD

Wedding Anniversary

Wedding anniversaries are a thing of joy because it commemorates your love and devotion to each other, haven gone through years of home building its nice to appreciate your partner. Wedding anniversaries can be financially tasking especially if you decide to have a big celebration, it could cost a pretty penny and could affect your general budget.

Having a large wedding anniversary party might be exciting but sometimes being alone together on that special day might mean much more than a grand gesture. There are many meaningful and romantic ways to show your partner that you care without breaking the bank.

Planning is important if you want to have a memorable wedding anniversary, the important things to consider are your partner’s interests, shared interests, and the romantic activity or gesture that is appropriate. Under-listed are some inexpensive but romantic wedding anniversary ideas you can try.

An old couple still in love

An old couple still in love
An old couple still in love | Source

Bring out the wedding video

For couples who have been married upwards of ten years the wedding day might start becoming a blur, you are caught in bills work related challenges, raising a family and other issues. Why not dust the VCR and bring out the old DVD tape, you can prepare a light snack and get some cool refreshing fruit juice.

Wedding anniversaries are great opportunities to relive that special day and see old friends who graced the occasion. You don’t have to limit yourselves to wedding videos; you can watch your Children’s first step, graduation ceremony and other memorable occasions and ceremonies. Bring out the old wedding picture album and go down memory lane while sipping drinks and munching on popcorn.

Have a new experience on your anniversary

Hot air balloon can be fun on your wedding anniversary. image of several hot air balloons in the sky
Hot air balloon can be fun on your wedding anniversary. image of several hot air balloons in the sky | Source

Create a scrapbook

While you are at it why not create a scrapbook together it could be fun, include memorable photographs of vacations, parties, milestones and old photographs of the two of you. The scrapbook does not necessary have to be only pictures you can add things like library cards, cinema tickets, stamps cutouts, concerts you both attended. Anything that has significance and elicits sweet memories of your time together is fair game.

Have a new experience together

Building memories that last a lifetime can be an effective and affordable way to celebrate your anniversary; you can take a balloon ride, horseback riding together, bungee jumping for the more adventurous couple, scuba dive together, visit an interesting place. Pack lunch and take a drive down to the country side or a farm, visit an orphanage and give gifts or just take a leisurely stroll and seat on a bench watching the sun go down.

The beauty of nature if we stop to observe can be very overwhelming and highly romantic watching the sunset can be cliché but it works.

Go out on your wedding anniversary

Going out is not necessarily expensive if adequate planning was done, you can visit a museum, have a romantic dinner, go dancing, participate in karaoke or record a new song together. You can go to the park and feed the birds or take a trip to a friends cabin lodge for the weekend.

Go bowling or to a cinema can also be romantic, choose a romantic movie or just rent a romantic DVD and seat curdled together on the sofa. Shopping can be fun if you are prepared to work within a budget and not go overboard, being together doing the things you love is what a wedding anniversary is all about.

Have a romantic dinner

A romantic dinner .image of a cake
A romantic dinner .image of a cake | Source

Discover your artistic side

A man painting
A man painting | Source

What will you do on your wedding anniversary

On your wedding anniversary you'd rather.....

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Discover your artistic side together

Creative outlets can be very exciting and fun while making a memory that lasts; whatever you create would have special meaning especially if the wedding anniversary date is included in the design. Creative outlets could include craft work, pottery making, sculpturing, something fun and wacky, make a special card together or make a scrapbook.

You can paint anything you like separately or together and exchange paintings as a gift to each other, or write poetry describing your partners attributes. Making his and hers bracelets might seem corny but could be fun or just write a simple letter expressing how you feel about each other.

Give back to the society

Going to an orphanage as part of your wedding anniversary is not a bad idea, you can present gifts have a little get together or sing songs. You can do some community service like work in a food shelter for a day, give alms to the destitute or send money to organizations that help war and famine victims.

You can do some volunteer work for the day; there are many organizations that would appreciate such a gesture.

Give back to society

Image of an orphan
Image of an orphan | Source

Be romantic

A yellow rose
A yellow rose | Source
A nice meal
A nice meal | Source

Be romantic

If your spouse has to work on that special day send a bunch of roses and chocolate with a thoughtful card and the promise of a romantic evening. Why not embarrass him a little by getting the delivery service serenade him with a soppy song (he would love you forever).

On your wedding anniversary have the place to yourselves no kids, friends or well wishers are allowed into your love nest. Breakfast in bed is always a romantic gesture, flower petals allover the place is another interesting way to get the day started. You can also recreate your first date by going to the particular spot if it’s within range, and order a nice dinner with candles, roses and romantic lights which can put you in a celebratory mood.

Cook dinner together

Cooking can be great fun when done together, work out a decent meal that spells romance; you can have soft music and chat while preparing your favorite meal. Afterwards you can both have a romantic dinner while listening to your favorite musical recordings.

There are many dishes and recipes you can choose form it is better to make it simple interesting and a culinary treat.

Ways to celebrate a wedding anniversary

A party
At home
be romantic
family gathering
watch videos
give gifts
visit cinema
make scrapbook
renew vows
cook together
exchange letters
small party
breakfast in bed

Happy wedding anniversary

Have an a family gathering

A family gathering need not cost much each family member might be asked to bring a certain meal or drink; the entire family can enjoy a small party while celebrating your anniversary together. Having a family gathering is a nice way to spend your anniversary.

A thoughtful gift counts

Exchange thoughtful gifts on your wedding anniversary to spice things up you can draw a map around the house and leave some clues, your spouse might find the novelty interesting and it could build up anticipation while having fun. Spread the gifts or gift so at the end of the puzzle he/she gets the reward, this type of activity is only suited for people who like puzzles and surprises.

Why not buy a puppy or a kitten if your spouse isn’t against having a particular pet or play safe with a parrot. Buying a goldfishes is a bad idea since they tend to die early which might elicit sad memories. Some regular gifts you can consider are two tickets to a certain sports he/she likes, gold earrings, a his and hers wristwatch, perfumes or a nice bag.

Renew wedding vows

Renewing your wedding vows after several years of marriage can be so romantic; this could be done either in the presence of your immediate family and friends or just your nuclear family. You can even get selfish can renew your vow without witnesses which can be very intimate and romantic and don’t forget to take lots of memorabilia photographs while you take the vows.

Communication is key to a successful marriage


Communication is the key to a successful union while you rediscover yourselves and find common interests by talking honestly to each other. As time passes there definitely will be some changes in each person use the occasion to rediscover common interests and love.

Go to church and thank God for the years you’ve spent and pray for better things to come.


Your wedding anniversary is a very special occasion and celebrating your love is important, adequate planning would turn that day into a memorable occasion. There are so many fun ways to express your love and devotion to each other all it takes is a little imagination.Have a lovely wedding anniversary



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    • word55 profile image

      Word 3 years ago from Chicago

      Thank you Tony55, these were some fantastic ideas that you've shared. Only a few blessed souls in my society get to share such a beautiful occasion. People in my society seem to divorce or pass away to often. Great hub and voted up!