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Romantic Ways To Celebrate Valentine Day

Updated on November 8, 2016
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14 February! The day for love birds. Who would not want to celebrate it with their special ones! This day is not just a day; it is a memory for every couple! No one would ever want to spend it alone or to spend it very casually. Every couple plans a different or an unusual tour for this day. It do not matter that you are single or married this day is for everyone who is in the cage of love. To make it more special you try your level best to make your partner feel special and out of this world. You try to do everything but you also have to consider that what is feasible to your pocket! Not to worry, as the following ideas are super romantic and will make you and your partner feel on cloud 9! Enjoy.


Give it a try at home!

Yes! You can celebrate and make it special just by celebrating it at home itself. It is also an inexpensive and great idea as you feel in the most comfortable zone. Its okay if you do not want celebrate it in your own house if you want go in some fresh surroundings you can also go for an option for a farmhouse, or your own guest house etc. the choice is all yours you may even book a small hill side house for the romantic atmosphere!

Leave the beds!

Lay down your mattress on the floor; spend the night on the living room floor. You can also set up the air mattress. If you have barbeque roast chicken, fish etc; in it. Have a picnic dinner on the floor or in the garden area.

Do not make it all for her to prepare! It is the day for you both! So make dinner together. Choose the menu and get the ingredients ahead of time, then have fun cooking, taste-testing, and eating together. To make this more romantic you may dance with her while cooking! A small kiss on her cheek would be awesome!

Play games!

Who said that games can’t be romantic? Yes they can be as romantic as a romantic date! Go for a board game night. Choose a favorite board game and feel free to play the traditional way or with an extra romantic twist. Like you can change the rules to kiss, to hug, to dance etc the choice is yours!

Move your body!
Move your body! | Source

Movies are always romantic!

Watch a romantic movie together. It can be any movie, yes a comedy one would also go! Even it would be a better choice if you choose a comedy one. As it would make you both feel comfortable if it’s your first time! Watching romantic movies gets always thumbs up. Make the environment cozy, sit close to her try to put her in your arms or just an arm on her shoulder is also a romantic way to express that you care!

Move your body!

Dance has always been a fun and the most romantic part of any date, especially for Valentine ’s Day you must do it. Though you are worse in dance try it! With him/her you will feel good, and romance will take up its speed. The benefit of dancing at home is that there is no one in the place except you bath you can do anything of your choice. You must clutch her waist bring her close kiss on her forehead and turn your living room into a ballroom. Move the furniture away, turn on the music and dance like prom night all over again.

Put your interest together!

If you both like reading then read a book together. A book doesn’t always seem boring reading especially when you are reading it with the one you love! It could be anything. Something as romantic as a book on marriage or a silly as a favorite picture book from your childhood.

Be creative to decorate your house with loads of Valentines Day messages
Be creative to decorate your house with loads of Valentines Day messages | Source


Be creative to decorate your house with loads of Valentines Day messages! As the ambience helps to set up the mood a lot! Go for candles, flowers, lights, balloons, flower petals, wine etc. it is totally up to your creativity and how much romantic you want to make it! Think multiple-courses or fondue. Try to recreate that atmosphere around your own dining table. For extra gusto you may even want to dress up in your finest attire.

If you are married.

Open up your wedding album. Revel in wedding day memories. This one will probably mean more to us girls than our hubbies! But still it sometimes even turn up in fun tasks you must give it a try.

Coffee is always romantic!

If you have an open garden and you are a guy then do make coffee for her after the diner! As this day comes in winters make all arrangements in the garden accordingly! Like laying a cozy mattress and quilt with a bon fire, all the small lights around and talking all romantic stuff! It feels so beautiful and close J if you do not have any garden or so do not worry dear as you must be having a terrace! Fill it up with roses and candles and all the soothing perfumes you can get in the market, and do not let her walk at all! Grab her in your arms and take her to the terrace! Enjoy hot chocolate/tea/coffee on the back porch together. There’s nothing like sitting together in the peace!

Give each other a massage!

Everyone goes through lot of stress, giving a massage or spa to your partner on this day at home would be more than perfect! As giving massage is so romantic! Wearing nothing except yourself is the most romantic gift to you both as you ell free from all the busy and hectic schedule of the normal being!

Rap yourself!

At night under the sky! Go star gazing. Put a blanket on the ground or wrap up yourself with your partner and make a tight hug! And just enjoy gazing at the stars. Go outside the world and talk anything you want!

Sing your heart out!
Sing your heart out! | Source

Sing your heart out!

You do not need to be a singer to impress your partner just speaks up your heart! Sing anything a self composed nonsense track which can make him/her laugh, or an emotional one and ofcource any romantic one too! Or select the most romantic ones from the movies and play in the background and have a karaoke night. Get out your favorite romantic songs with Valentines Day messages and have fun lip-syncing to each other. While singing you must express yourself in the most romantic attire and makeup!

Order something fun to eat!

Order in a cheese burst pizza! As cheese would drop down to his/her lips and you can swipe it up from yours! Or something out of Chinese menu delivered but be sure to use the chopsticks as chopsticks are the most fun part! No one knows how to use them correctly except Chinese! Wink! So go for a fun food!

Bubble bath!

The superb idea for a home celebration! A bubble bath! Wow! It is super amazing! As bubbles are everyone’s favorite no one hates them and being alone at home they would make the atmosphere romantic up to the edge! As in the water with the bubbles around is next to honeymoon!

Make a memory and frame it!

Cut out a beautiful image of you both into a puzzle then make a task of putting it together, then glue and frame it. Or you can even go for a any game of puzzles and do the same with it! Or foe a loveable stuff you can make 2 half hearts and write your name or paste photographs of yours on it join it glue it and frame! It would be the most beautiful wall hanging!

Write messages!

You can go for making up small cookies and desserts and writing short and sweet messages on it with red berries or whipped cream or edible colors. The choice is yours and the preference of your partner that what he/she likes to eat! As everyone do not like chocolates some like vanilla or strawberries or eve blue berries. You can even bake a cake at home if you are perfect in baking go for it! Or these days many personalized cakes have come into the market with you photo printed on it! You may try that too!

Write your lifelong bucket list together.

Look through your old high school yearbooks or baby photo albums together and make a list of all the places you want to visit together, create a blueprint of your dream house, plan your future dreams and targets! Do not let business come into it! Make it romantic and not commerce!

Love games!

Have a staring contest. Compete on how long you can look in each other’s eyes! Sit on the couch, hold hands, and stare each other in the eye. You may even put a flavor of kissing by the one who loses or the first one who looks away has to do whatever the other one asks of him or her!

Make a video!

Yes record all your memories so that you can enjoy it afterwards too! Do not let the time pass just like that! Especially for your kids telling them about how you met! How you celebrated, how much you loved each other how special you are to your partner.

Go for questioning round!

Writ a list of few questions try to list those are related to you only! To know how much he/she knows about you! And have fun.

Go out for a Date:

So if you do not want to make it at home or do not have any expense problem or want to make it in a changed atmosphere go out and dine. Why only dine you can do a lot more stuff out side like movies, play your favorite sport, trying new cuisine, going to a disco . a night romantic party, a bit of alcohol, a cake surprise, a long drive, a musical evening on the road or lake side, view sunset or sunrise together on the beach, present a surprise full of flowers and bouquets, go for a bike ride, book a hotel room for a romantic night, and lots more list is endless!

First and foremost you need to consider your loved one's preferences. Do they adore upscale and luxury cuisine? Or they are happy with the simple and romantic dining? Are they obsessed over sports, music, literature, or any other topic? Settle on one or two areas of interest that you know your date loves, and then start from there it self to give your day a perfect kick.

Focus on the food. As food has remain the most important part of any occation than for this day too food is the main focus! Obviously the food should be of the preference of you both or just of your date! Be sure to work around any food allergies or dietary restrictions. Here's a few different options for dining:

Try something different in taste: Just try! Do not order in full as it may waste your money if you don’t like it!

Make it from your home: you can also cook your favorite dish and make your date taste you’re cooking!

Bake! Go to a bakery shop and buy a cake and cookies to start the day with cutting it!

Go for pure veg/non veg: yes you can go for only vegetarian or purely non-vegetarian cooking if your partner likes it

Set the mood in a romantic one. Whether you're going out or staying in, you can do a few things to establish a romantic ambiance and put your date in a good mood. Dress up like a gentleman/beautiful lady you must take a bit extra care for your appearance. Speak in gentle, loving tones. Hold your date, gaze and sit or stand close to him or her if you are comfortable in coming close and are use to all this then you must go for further steps


Arrange a gift. A Valentine's Day gift doesn't have to be expensive or huge. Go on only with the traditional gift of flowers on Valentine's Day. Also stuffed animals are popular or a card with a handwritten message inside, a self made gift is the most precious and beautiful one! Try it

A miniature rose plant is also a great idea, if he/she likes reading gift a novel with red ribbon around it, or a poem written by you, a photo collage of the two of you, etc.

The element of surprise. Try to give a surprise! Just by telling that you will be busy on the day (14 feb) and you suddenly come up in a car and arrange all the things up! Would be a great idea, or Your date might know you have something planned for Valentine's Day, but don't tell them everything you're doing. Surprise them with flowers at work early in the day and plan!

Do not forget to tell your loved one why they are so special to you. Gifts! Food! Dress up! All are at one side and expressing by your words is at another! So express it that how much you care how much you want him/her by your actions your gesture your behavior your attitude! As this day comes once in the year! And the first valentine is the most memorable one! So do as much as you want! Do not keep any ting for other days!

So, start planning your valentine in the best way this year. Do leave us your any views or comments below.


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    • jayshreebhagat profile image

      Jayshree Bhagat 2 years ago from MUMBAI

      thank you for the lovely words

    • Celebrates profile image

      Celebrates 3 years ago

      These are great romantic ideas for Valentine's Day, well done and there are so many good things to choose from too.

    • jayshreebhagat profile image

      Jayshree Bhagat 3 years ago from MUMBAI

      glad you liked them.... do let us know how you planned your valentine!

    • etaCarinae profile image

      Sara Johnson 3 years ago from United States

      These are some romantic choices for Valentines Day we'll have to try some of them! Good work!