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Romantic ideas to surprise your girlfriend

Updated on November 9, 2011

First off all, everyone want to make their girlfriend be happy, because if she isn't happy, you aren't happy. So what you can do about it, it's simple, just make her happy and your life will be better. If you make her happy Karma will help you and if she isn't right one, soon right one will be there. Now, what to do for her? Every girl like surprise, and no one wouldn't be angry on you if you make some small present for her, but if you buy something really expensive, she could be angry. God know why, i don't, but she could. So I'll tell you few tips what to do for her.

First thing you should know, you can't wrote something and give your girlfriend if she doesn't love to read for example. First you need to know what your girlfriend love and according to that to bye her a gift.

If she really love to read, try to buy her book, depend on what genre she like. If she like romantic books try to bye her a book she did not read, and if movie made by book, you can bye also a movie and put it in a small box, nice Package, and you do not have to worry. This is simple.

You always can to use spray and to go in her street to write something. You should do that in middle of night, so that would be first thing she will see tomorrow when she get up, and go to shop for example. She would be happy as never. But if your choice is to draw something, try to write something that her right to point out that it is you. For example, tell her you are not sure you love her, and tomorrow when she wake up, she will see I AM JOKING BABY, I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART. Just be creative.

Next thing what you can do if you have keys of her home, or if you are in relationship for a long time, and you are good with her ​​brother, sister or parents, you should call them, and ask them to came to they house, because you want to make surprise for her. And when you came to her house (she should not be there) go to her room, with balloon and rouses, and tie rose for the helium balloon, do it for few time, and thin thread should be in color of her walls, so when she walk in, she will see flying rouses everywhere.


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