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healthy things to do with your boyfriend

Updated on April 1, 2012

Growing old together...

Hello everyone! This is an updated hub from my previous "romantic things to do for your boyfriend" that was written 3 years back now! I noticed when i wrote my previous hub i've been together with my boyfriend for 6years back then..well now it's over 9 years gosh time flies.

Yes i am still with the same boyfriend, and why are we still not married, is more financial issue and our age. Although he mentioned he will "do something" in the next 1-2 years (definitely writing another hub then!) I am loving him to this day and i wanted to share with you all more things you can do with your boyfriend.

No matter how old you are, once you are in a relationship you are maturing together. Which is a beautiful and sometimes difficult thing. One thing i noticed as me&my bf are growing "old", is that we've become much more health conscious. We never discussed our health issues and prevention right up until we hit around 24. I am 26 and he's 27. And now that's changed. First i thought it would be a turn off to be asking and talking about health issues but now i see it's so important as we realised we want to be around each other for as long and healthy as possible.

So below are some "romantic" things i have done with my boyfriend:

1) Join a gym together- Ultimate gym buddy! My boyfriend is more focused on weight training and i am more into cardio. So we can help each other and motivate each other at the gym. And seeing your other half get fit&healthy is a very rewarding and sexy thing!

2) Do Colonics together- Having a plastic tube stuck up your bum and feeling like you're having diarrhea? Yeap real romantic. Of course you will be in different rooms but colonics for oneself is such a cleansing experience and you have more energy! I've heard somewhere that all diseases start from the "gut"- whether true or not, being happy and energised will bring forward a powerful and happy relationship

3) Yoga- healthy and my boyfriend finds it sexy- we tried bikram yoga or "hot" yoga and it is amazing and challenging but again, quite sexy watching your other half in a whole new position ;)

4) We have totally turned around in our regular takeaway trips to nice brunch dates at organic cafe's. We've recently discovered Wise Cicada which is a organic foodstore& plant based cafe and it is amazing! We love the tranquil environment and wholesome food (Example: vege in almond butter, detox juices, kale and orange/walnut salad YUM). Makes life more wholesome and motivating than when you eat McD's and you just feel like crap afterwards...

hope it helped and i welcome all suggestions and questions.



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