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Romantic Ways, From Engagement to Marry Me

Updated on March 20, 2014

Marry Me, Romance Is.....

Enjoy a romantic picnic spot
Enjoy a romantic picnic spot | Source
Flowers of Expectation
Flowers of Expectation | Source
Hide a ring in the flowers
Hide a ring in the flowers | Source
Go for a beautiful walk
Go for a beautiful walk | Source

Romantic Engagement Ideas

  1. Turn up the lights at your favorite sports arena, with Marry Me dancing across the board.
  2. Make a sky banner, hire a sky writer.
  3. Bake a cake with the ring as decoration or in a special container inside.
  4. Create a love blog, telling an enchanting story.
  5. Spend all day in bed, watching old cartoons.
  6. Write a full page ad in the local newspaper.
  7. Write it in the snow, Will You Marry Me?
  8. Create a Treasure Hunt Map, then go there and ask, when X marks the spot.
  9. Gather a bunch of friends for a surprise party.
  10. Hide the ring in a cracker jack box.
  11. Scratch the proposal on a frosty windshield.
  12. Write it out with mustard or ketchup, alongside of their fries.
  13. Ask their father or mother, or your best friend for their hand in marriage.
  14. Make up some of your best home made fried chicken (well yeah, or steak, or pie....)
  15. Go up in a hot air balloon and pop the question with a bottle of your favorite wine, crackers and cheese.
  16. Pretend its just another night at the movies, wear your comfy old clothes, just be yourself.
  17. Yes, romance is whatever we make it, remember the flowers, please.
  18. Ask them from on stage at your favorite rock concert, if they will let you up there, or do it country style, whispering in each others ears? Worth a chance, while you dance.
  19. Give them a colorful balloon, tightly anchored with a long string far away, with a bright boxed ring, in front of the zoo, or parking lot.
  20. Close your eyes, imagine their surprise, a ring in hand will do it.
  21. Give them a loving card or write your own poem.

Marry Me Romantically

Romantic to Me Is

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Slip a ring on the hand you are holding tightly as you scream your way down a roller coaster ride.
Slip a ring on the hand you are holding tightly as you scream your way down a roller coaster ride. | Source

Romantic Things to Help You Say.......

"Just hold my hand, and you'll fee it. Look into my eyes and you'll see it, Listen, when I whisper your name and you'll hear it. Kiss me, and you'll be 100% sure, I am asking you to Marry me."

"I will go to the the highest building, shout from the top of my head, from this day forward, my sweet passion, to you only, I want to be wed."

"Sweet confetti I shall throw around, for all the world to see, that is how confident I am trying to be that the answer will be yes."

"I honestly don't know what to say, I don't know much about love anyway, I just know from the first time I heard your voice, something inside of me said......"

"Someday, I hope you understand what my words can never say, I love you and want you always by my side."

Will You Marry Me?

Make reservations at a prestigious restaurant, with all the fancy fixings. Someplace where you can surprise her, but not too fancy that it will be expected that something is out of the ordinary.

Include the restaurant staff, to help shower her with added affection, keeping her wine glass full, how does she like the lighting, is everything to her satisfaction? Have a spectacular bouquet of her favorite flowers arrive by special messenger, with little cards attached saying sweet romantic things. Pretend you don't know who it is from. As the special piano music begins to play, excuse yourself for a moment to go over your lines and fancy up your attire.

Come out with the waitress and bus boy who are carrying a special little cake and champagne, get down on one knee and say those endearing lines that will melt her heart away.

Ask on top of a mountain after a long walk in nature all day. Snuggle up with a blanket from your pack and have the words you want to say ready. Make a ring out of the handful of flowers you picked together along the way. Then pop the question as you put the flower ring on her hand.

Romance is the key, that means something different to you and me. Write a poem, or steal lines from a favorite movie. Have some favorite music playing in the back ground. Make it simple or elaborate. Say it after dinner, or make it a special date. Tell all your friends about it first and go into detail with the one you know can't keep a secret, who will get a rumor started, and notice how she reacts.

Bring home a bag of groceries with all the ingredients for your favorite meal. As you start to prepare it, ask for their help in putting things away, have the ring stashed in some new exotic fruit or vegetable they have always wanted to try.

Share The Secret, Your Love, Your Devotion

Say it after dinner, or make it a special date. Tell all your friends about it first. Go into detail with the one you know can't keep a secret.

Who will get a rumor started? Have a friend who will capture the reaction. Make it simple or elaborate. Don't hesitate, it may be too late.

No, don't worry, if it's meant to be, there's no hurry. Flowers and rings go along way, yet only you know what you want to say. Blessings we sent today.

© 2012 Maree Michael Martin

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    • Sunshine625 profile image

      Linda Bilyeu 4 years ago from Orlando, FL

      Great ideas!!

    • Ruby H Rose profile image

      Maree Michael Martin 6 years ago from Northwest Washington on an Island

      Well, maybe he can get some good ideas by some pretty hints you leave laying about. For me, just being asked, and wanting to say yes, we found romance in that. Good luck and let me know!

    • im28beyond profile image

      Jazmine Llaguno 6 years ago from Cebu, Philippines

      I hope my boyfriend can do this to me. He's not romantic.