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5 Wretched, But Liberating Romantic Truths

Updated on April 8, 2013

The love life realities we've discovered through our work since 1992 aren't entirely easy to digest, especially for those with old-fashioned romantic values. Even we find some of them troubling.

We've been accused of having fatalistic viewpoints, yet even though some of the below information may seem a bit harsh, objectively weighing and even eventually accepting it can help you gain happiness and improve your life.

1) While it's not easy to let go sometimes, you must if you want to flow with your life instead of battling it, which will only cause you more stress and make you miserable. For example, you want to remain in your current love relationship, yet circumstances beyond your control force you apart, or your mate wants to dissolve the union and there's nothing you can do to change their mind. On the bright side, if you had great love life timing during this transition (as previously forecasted by a professional) it may very well be representative of an entirely new lover, unrelated to the one that you are trying to hang onto.

Expectations of fulfilling, lasting (e.g., life-long, until at least the 50-year anniversary date, etc.) love connections aren't reasonable. Remember, we all have more than one soul mate (some are more compatible than others) and few relationships are destined to last forever, though unconditional love does transcend lifetimes.

2) The duration of a relationship is predictable and is just another life situation symbolically ruled by comprehensive cyclical timing methods.

For example, you enter a romantic relationship under lucrative, yet "...ends sooner than expected..." love timing. One year later you enter better romantic timing, some of the best of your life. Does it mean that you will automatically go deeper into the existing bond and enjoy even better relations with your current love? It could mean that to some degree, at various points during the timeframe, but what transpires is dependent upon your mate's timing and the compatibility energy between you two.

You might be fated to split with your lover (at the very least, on an emotional level) under your upcoming great love life timing and connect with somebody else.

By the way, when we talk about duration of a relationship, we're talking about when a relationship has naturally run its course, when it's clear that it's over (to those f.ree ofself-deception), not when the two people finally go their separate ways years or decades later.

Staying trapped in a relationship that's over is like over-sleeping until late afternoon on a beautiful day; you're wasting precious time.

3) Considering that you have many soul mates, any given fantastic love life phase could easily include two or more new romantic interests, and they don't always show up at the most appropriate times, as fate dictates.

4) Be sure to proceed carefully with any new love interests when you're under rough love life or financial timing, as it could result in loss. To know about your fate, aside from your romantic timing, consider carefully the financial timing as symbolized by all the collective, related, astrological and numerological time cycles in connection with natal indications) when you meet a new love interest. Although you may not have fantastic financial timing three years after you first connect with your mate, for example, the fact that you did when you met him or her is highly reflective of the financial fate of the connection.

This concept of placing great emphasis on your personal timing at the start of anything significant in your life also applies to other areas of life such as relocation or starting a new career. For further clarity, it's also important to consider the natal and timing indications of anyone else directly or indirectly related to your love relationships, such as through legal arrangements, including family, business partners or other circumstances.

5) Instead of hoping your love interest is "the one" for a lifetime, be grateful that they are in your life now and accept each relationship for what and how long it's meant to be, while at the same time doing what you can to make the most of it. You have the opportunity to learn and grow from each person you meet. Each connection is invaluable in what it offers from a spiritual perspective, no matter the duration.

Copyright © Scott Petullo, Stephen Petullo


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