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Rough Spaces updated...

Updated on August 23, 2015

Getting over things.

Well I told you in the hub Rough Spaces that this young couple had a major set back due to the things they did and taking things for granted. Right now, the young man was fighting the company he was fired from on his unemployment and looking for a new start. His wife took the reigns and for a short period of time did with little income. The young man is currently not working in the profession that he is certified in, but has taken a job with better pay in explosives (very dangerous) to get the bills paid. His wife continues the job she has had for almost three years currently and things seem to be getting back to a comfortable place for this young couple. Even though their attitude is still some what of a arrogant tone and seems taking things for granted is something not of importance. Will this be a lesson or gift?


Right now things seem for this young hot to-do couple that things are going to be alright. That nothing can stand in their way. But, is that true? Morally their lives are on a lucky streak, but like they say playing with your fate only brings trouble. Humble, caring, and respectful is our moral law in the U.S. Who wins?

Authors words

Juliet Faith,

The thing about this hub and the previous one is that these things happen all the time. Pitfalls and hurdles in life. For whatever reasons they happen is or maybe unknown. But you have to look at this young family and say " Do they deserve the second chance?" If the lessons been learned and things are well...Well you make the decision. This and Rough Spaces is about a real couple in this world. Happy reading and Stay safe!

~ Hopes for the best~


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