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Rule your mind before it rules you

Updated on March 4, 2015

control your mind to make better life choices

Brain and heart have always spoken in opposite languages when it comes to relationship. Those who are more likely to listen to the heart are more emotional and kind to other people. Making people happy with intangible thoughts, vision and beauty of their heart is the ultimate definition for them. However, there is fairly a difference when comparing with those who submissively obey as their brain says. Our mind is the mother of all listeners (brain and Heart) who gets confused, floundered and ultimately overpowers the entire biological and psychological system of the human body when we call it -“ The mind rules. ”

While I was going through some of the articles, I have found that most of the people find that listening to your heart is the right thing to do when it comes to a relationship. Well, there is at least one relationship eventually where people think. “I should not have got into it.” But before one realizes what their brain said, they clearly shout in their heart “No, I did not get in it to get out of it”. Poor heart. It always looks for the emotions, mental attachments and affection that have built for the opposite sex. It fears for the aches and emptiness at every morning when you wake up and sense that something is disappearing from your life. You lose the desire to wake up in the morning. This affects your health adversely and you put on or lose weight terribly. And you opt to stay alive than being living dead.

But ignoring the entire real situation (how horrible your mental adjustment is/ how inexplicably he drops of your dreams) just because he makes you happy for a few seconds in life is a real problem.

On the contrary, depending on the brain solely can cost you a short time relationship soon enough when you realize the lack of heart beating for your partner. Well, I think this instance is very delicate, as you never know who can make your heart beat uninvited and finally take a worse turn in your relationship. But one odd advantage is that you are not divested by any ignorant behaviour or imperfectness of your partner since you're not involved emotionally. Logics and reasons (say how secure you would be socially. Financially and mentally) can be defeated by what heart say Because heart has always forced men to take crazy steps against all odds.

Dwelling in confusion comes the situation where your mind say-

“ I had enough of you “ and certainly it controls over your body and mind and you do every regrettable things over and over again and you just lose the pace with time and your life. Say, if you take the example used here,

People must realise what it is that they really want.

More love and less practical or more logical and less in love. If there is confusion than there is clearly no point of wasting time giving more chances to this relationship and make it even more ugly with lots of heartaches. Don't let your mind feel that you are guilty of being with or without him. Do not ever let your mind take away all your confidence. Remember you are, what you still have been. You have countless hours to make a decision over your life choices. You shall indeed rule your mind when you know that both your brain and heart have agreed to the same guy with equivalent reasons and you sense a peace in mind perfectly.

Rule your mind before it rules you

control your mind to make better life choices

control your mind to make better life choices

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