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Rules for Good Women

Updated on September 5, 2015

Back in the old days / Golden days

Being a woman – The things older mothers and grandmothers taught

So we know new school thinking dictates there are no rules and most standards for women are considered outdated and irrelevant. Today’s young ladies would say there are no rules and the structured way older women influenced and raised them to become ladies is old school. Is it?

Older women were raised in different times, true, but some of the things they taught ladies about life were priceless. These are the women who watched their husbands cut the lawn and without request would show up at just the right time with a cool glass of water. They are from the generation that made it clear that you should be able to cook and no man wants a woman that keeps a nasty house. These ladies knew bad company corrupts good morals so be careful about the friends you choose because they are a representation of you. Spend your time around people that are going somewhere in life and aspire to reach similar heights. If you spend time with people whom you witness being dishonest, mean spirited, and using others please be aware they will do that to you too. Birds of a feather flock together. With that concept it mind older ladies always said be mindful of the company you keep, your associates represent you so chose those will good character or you will be affiliated otherwise.

Determine your career and achievement utilizing the career techniques of those whom you admire. Plain and simple – If you want to become the #1 CEO in the land then conduct and carry yourself as such. Study their education, their grooming, their presentation, speech, and how they conduct their life –imitate and implement what you learn. A woman that is professional/career oriented/educated speaks for itself with your presentation. The man in the three piece suit wants a woman that complements him. The example was set how to conduct oneself in public and it didn’t include being loud, running the streets day and night, or promiscuous presentation. Heavens to Betsy, you don’t sleep around. It’s never classy for a lady to be “experienced” by a barrage of men. Respect for yourself was mandatory as well as receiving it from the men with whom you choose to encounter. Although you can feel and say what you want it’s unbecoming to suffer from potty-mouth syndrome –not ladylike. No one could ever forget the age old proverb- there are some women you play with and some women you marry – you want to be on the winning side of that equation.

These qualities comprised a classy, loving lady.

The Question

What does it mean to you today to carry yourself as a lady?

Are these thoughts outdated when dating?

Men - do you evaluate women in a way that most women are not are of or do you treat every woman the same?

Traditional Thought

Many people will say this does not apply. Then suddenly past conversations from my male friends make this old-school thinking relevant. When a male friend called to complain about the nasty way one of the women he spent time with kept her house. Ten to fifteen minutes of speaking about all the junk she had spread across her kitchen counter and how junky she kept her house. Yes, he even showed a picture of her nasty home. I’ve listened to men describe how certain women may be attractive however they weren’t on their class level and they doubted if they knew how to conduct themselves while in the presence of business colleagues or business function-i.e. pretty but rachet. Men are always adverse to being emasculated by women according to what I've witnessed. It's sad to see a man withdraw and sit silently after being bossed around.

Question for Men

What are your standards when you consider a woman for a long term relationship?

What are your deal breakers?

What are the qualities of a woman you consider for marriage and the mother of your children

Wife Zone Chart


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