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Rules of Being a Good Friend

Updated on February 10, 2014

Good friends are hard to come by. Having a good friend is being a good friend yourself. Here are ways how you could be a good friend:

1) Don't cancel the last minute and if you do have a legit reason. Things do happen when you have to break plans but know your priorities. It's one thing if it is an emergency but when your boyfriends family is in and you made plans a week ago to go to the mall it's an exception. The mall will not take all day. See your friend for an hour or so and then go see your boyfriend and his family at night.

2) Don't criticize them. Criticizing a friend is not a nice thing and you could end up losing a friend.

3) Be there for your friend. Be there for your friend in the good times and bad. Be a shoulder to cry on and support them during a big and exciting moment.

4) Don't ignore their text because you are too busy. Once again things happen and people get busy. Always make a way to get back to your friend. A simple "Sorry can't talk," will do. Then just text your friend back the next chance you get.

5) Don't shut your friend out. Friends are supposed to be their during their friend's darkest moments. A friend will understand your problem and help you get through it. If you keep your friend in the dark they will think you are ignoring them and then you will lose a friend.

6) Put your friend first before you put yourself first. Friendships work the same way relationships do. It is all about the other person and communication.

There are many ways you could be a good friend to someone. These are just some suggestions. Always remember treat people the way you would want to be treated.

Do you treat people the way you want to be treated?

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