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Rules of Good Marriages

Updated on September 3, 2014

After fifty years of marriage, I saw my grandfather eyes light-up when ever Granny entered the room, the love he had for her was unconditional and lasting. To be together for fifty years with romantic feeling for each other wonderful.

Once I ask Granny what made her marriage to grandpa so special?

1.Child she said you have to communicate with your husband threw good times and bad times.

2. I let him know that I am equal to him,and that I will never be controlled.

3 Pa and I made a pack early in our marriage that we would never go to bed angry without discussing the problem.

4.Never let family or friends into your marriage.

5. Let your man know that he is wanted and needed.

6.Always come to a mutational understanding when it comes to the children.

7.Always look your best without thinking, your life stop when you get marriage.

8.Always put Your Husband first.

9. The key to a good relationship is trust, honesty and understanding each other needs.


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