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Running From Marriage?

Updated on December 3, 2016

Running will only make you tired...

It may be true that marriage is not for everybody but for those of you that deny marriage because the thought of sacrificing anything for someone else makes you sick, or you think you’re going to miss out on something or give up something by adding an "until death do you part" life partner to your life.

There may actually come a time in your "single" life that you realize you’ve already sacrificed your mind, body and spirit with people who are now strangers or someone you used to know. And you missed out on building something with someone whom at one time you thought was wonderful, someone you would never not need, someone that took your breath away, someone you saw a future with. And you have given up time, money, effort, comfort and probably a few "favorite" sweaters yet, left with another unbearable heartbreak then insanely doing it over and over again. And because each time your wall goes up higher and higher you now selfishly zombie into the next encounter vowing to not give anything but that only made it worse because it still broke you and chipped away at your soul.

You may say you're running from marriage meanwhile, 49 million Americans are working hard to run right into it via online dating. And the online dating industry generates 174 billion dollars a year and trust that it's not all about a quick sexual encounter these people are looking for real love and 71% of them believe in love at first site.

Meanwhile, people who somewhat fearlessly saw and see marriage as a positive lifelong partnership took a chance and gained; a business partner, a love partner, a friend partner, a ride or die, someone to share your deepest secrets with are celebrating while you brag about how you escaped the latter.

Those who sit in fear only hear the negative parts about marriage to justify why you do not partake, sure there are ups and downs but that's is not enough to detour the married from their commitment not only to each other but themselves. The married have been rewarded with 5, 10, 20, 40+ years with a person that would not trade them for the world, someone they have built and created, homes, cars, vacations,memories, children, businesses, summer homes but most of all they have built a bond over time.

If you're single do you have a marriage plan or are you just going to sit back and see what happens?

Do you have a plan to meet and marry someone? Well you should or count on it as a "never gonna happen"

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So the next time you go out with someone ask yourself will this be another of many sacrifices, of me giving up something to someone I won’t know a year from now or less, will I be giving away pieces of my soul, my dreams, my hopes to someone who will see me as insignificant or vice versa as soon as the wind blows. And last but not least will I be missing out on a bond that can fill my heart for the rest of my days or will I run until I’m old and alone and restless thinking, now what was it that I would have sacrificed? What would I have given up? And what would I have missed out on again by simply saying yes to love, yes to partnership, yes to an incredible bond.

Have you ever tried online dating?

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    • spaevents profile image

      spaevents 13 months ago from Atlanta and Chicago

      Never been good at love but I figure if I can create a great business plan and execute a business why not a marriage. We plan everything else in our lives why leave marriage to chance. I'm just saying. I have good things to offer to a marriage (not for just anyone though) plus I don't want to die alone or wait until i'm too old to build a bond with someone.