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Running from that four letter word. LOVE.

Updated on February 27, 2013

running from love


Running through the pastures, I ran with a mask

Felt like I’d been running forever

And how long would this last

I had finally found the strength to escape

And with everything I had in me

I was not willing to fall or be held without reasoning

I wasn’t going to allow myself to break

It was the mood of my essence that was beating sensationally

What was I to do

You see love had been chasing me

And all I could think is to run

As fast as I can

And as long as I could

And With the courage

Not saying it was right thing to do

Or that I should

But I wanted to

And so I would

Because I didn’t want to be type to commit

I had been there before and I wasn’t too happy with it

You might say I chickened out

But give me just a little slack here-just a bit

I felt if I committed I would certainly lose

Instead of thinking of what I would gain

I’d observed the situations around and given my own

I thought to myself love is just too hard to maintain

And so when I experienced this I felt pressure

Certainly a bit of strain

Over the intensity

And to think this would be FOREVER when Love

Real love, of course had finally come upon me

My life will be changed

It was really getting to me

So I decided to run

I didn’t trust it

It was too good of something

To my knowledge, a man and a woman couldn’t be in the same scene

I had come in contact with a couple who just couldn’t get it right

And this was the perfect example of exactly what I mean

I ran with a mask

Hiding what was so dear to me

Covering up what I really felt

I was hiding from not only love but myself

Attempting to escape from the past

And I kept running

But soon this wouldn’t last

I was so confused

And of it all

I had to come to a decision

Eventually I would have to choose

But I just couldn’t Love

It didn’t coordinate with the drive in my shoes

And all while pending me down and speaking these words

Love was coming

And there was nothing that I could do

So there I was standing there

Love was ready to pick me up off my feet-No exceptions

Soon, I had come to realize

I was running from what I really needed on my side

After all, all I ever wanted was some affection

And to find it in the right guy

But Instead I ran from it when I felt I was getting nothing out of the deal

And there it left me with No love

But until the I day I came to terms with who I was

And took a good look at me

I could love!

I surely wanted to now and to be swept off my feet

So I put my guard down and

I stop running from what I deeply wanted

And years later I bare two kids and a have a family, living happily with my wonderful husband

Love will catch up….it arrives just when you think it won’t be coming

So if you are racing from it, it won’t be too long because it will get you

So I suggest you just stop running


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