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Stereotypes about Russia and Russian people

Updated on July 2, 2015

World of stereotypes

Strange as it may seem in 21 century, but You cannot deny, that in fact we all live in a world of stereotypes. Thanks to the internet it becomes easier to know each other culture, traditions, mentality, but they still influence us. We stiil believe, that all French are passionate about foie gras and frog legs, exclaiming all the time:Oh la la!

British people are snobbish, reserved, eating the porridge every morning, laughing at their strange English jokes and talking all the time about weather?!

And Russians...

I bet, when You think of Russia, You figure out a cold, far away land with people in fur ushankas, drinking vodka and dancing with bears around the Red Square.

Actually, I am Russian, so let me tell You, which of Your stereotypes are truth and what are false.

Vodka-drinking nation

You don’t drink vodka?!- a constant saying from my new foreign friends, when they come to know, that I am from Russia. Confess, sometimes it drives me crazy! I don`t drink vodka and many of Russians don`t even tried it .In fact, vodka is a traditional Russian hard liquor, but we could drink beer, wine, tequila as well, or even be sober! Are You surprised?!

And remember, if it` s a traditional beverage here, it does not mean, that we are drinking vodka. Many of us can’t stand it, even by its smell.


Yes we have cold winters,but we also experience beautiful hot weather in summer, too.

Russia occupies a vast territory on Earth globe and its climate varies from one geographical zone to another.

Corruption forever

I could have missed this fact, but I promised to tell the truth!

I think, it`s the main drawback of our nation.Total bureucracy everywhere.Almost any employee can be bribed and often that’s the only way to get things done. Unfortunately, this is no exception for hospitals and universities.

Russian beauty

Russian women are extremely beautiful. Just visit any Russian city and you will see, that is absolutely true. Russian women won`t go outside without perfect hairstyle and make-up . Even in ordinary days, you will see many Russian women in beautiful dresses or skirts and high heels. They are very feminine and try not to get fat.

Serious faces

Russians always have a serious face. Of course, this changes in private, but you will never hear Russian people exchanging “how are you?”s – this saying is reserved for private conversations.

Actually, Russian people have a great sense of humor, but it is just different from the Western humor.

Super superstitious

Yeah, Russian people have a lot of “superstitions. Many Russians will sit down for a couple minutes before leaving for a trip to ensure a good journey; they will consider it good luck to break a glass accidentally, and they will spit three times over their shoulder after they knock on wood.

Strange, but superstitions are still alive!


Every Russian wears furry hat -ushanka, when it`s cold.

It`s the same, as saying, that all French wearing berets and American wearing baseball caps.

To be honest, last time, when I saw ushanka hat was in souvenir-shop or in some old movie.

Only Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky

Russians are avid readers indeed, but they don`t read just Russian classical writers.

We have amazing books of Grin, Turgenev, Chekhov and many others, and also we love foreign literature.

For example, I adore Victor Hugo!

Russian hospitality

This is one stereotype I am proud to say is true.

When going to a dinner or celebration at a Russian home, expect to be bombarded with an array of food and drinks.

If I had to give you one advice about how to impress your new Russian friend, it would be to never show up to their home without some gift. Russians are generous gift-givers and you are expected to bring a gift to their home, whenever you’re going there for a party or celebration. Whether it’s flowers, chocolates, booze, food, or any other small gift.

Expressive people

Yeah, Russians are very, very expressive. And the reason is that we are open-hearted and if we are happy, everyone should know that!

We regret USSR collapse

True! As my parents say, it was a time of tremendous advancements in science and economic prosperity. It was a time, when everyone was equal in financial and social sense. To my mind the communism is the paradigma of paradise, but unfortunately without God!

It was a time, when Ukaine and Russia were more than friendly countries.People from Russia and Ukraine were considered as brothers(actually we are still brothers ,despite tough turmoil, made by corrupted politics ).

And keep in mind, Russians don’t worship Stalin.

Russian mafia

You know, I think, that Hollywood since Cold war and Cuban Missile Crisis is sort of addicted to Russian mafia image on screen, that`s why they continue to produce so many silly movies, depicting all Russians as primitive and outrageous villains.

I consider it to be a part of US policy, that keeps thinking of Russia as a main geopolitical threat and a hostile power, thanks to tough stance of Putin.


Yes, we are proud to be born in Russia.

We are proud, that soldiers of Soviet Red Army liberated nearly half of Europe's territory during World War 2, which comprise 16 modern European countries. At least 27 million Soviet citizens died during the war.These people contributed their lives for better future, for peace in our time. It is really sad, that nowadays their great heroic deeds fall into oblivion.

So, be human, don`t betray the memory!


Russian soul

If You want to be closer to Russian mentality, show up Your true feelings.

If we love, we love to the full, if we hate, we hate fiercly.

if you want to be a friend of Russian, just be simple and honest, be sincere and don`t keep secrets.

I f You are upset, don`t pretend to be happy and pleased.

If You are happy, sing loudly.

Just say, what You think. Be frank, be open and You will know Russian soul.

What do you think of Russia?

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