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SAME SEX MARRIAGE: Legal or not?

Updated on July 15, 2014

Who are "Humans" in human rights?

There have been recent victories by the LGBT’s (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender), the movement which was supported by 70+ countries and the entire European Union. The main question which was involved was whether Human Rights are for all? Also the vital question which has not yet received a perfect answer is that "who are Humans in Human rights?" Many are the countries which criminalize LGBT behavior and some as a capital punishment and thus the contentions of Human rights fall and is preceded by Gender Disparity.

"Discrimination" meant only for minority

Sexual orientation and gender individuality are primary facets of one’s self and should by no means lead to discrimination. Minority discrimination has been the bottom line for human history and is now serving again in different form. Now what is the slipup of institutionalism is to create discrimination and abhorrence by enacting and enforcing those laws which work against them. Taking absolute benefit by a pre-supposition that, humans have, what is law is deemed to be correct; minority rights have always been infringed.

There are more than a dozen countries which allow same sex marriage, which are mostly in Europe and America, Luxembourg and Scotland being the recent ones.

Who are parents or what are parents?

One important question which I would like to lay here is that “can two parents of the same gender can be capable parents?” There have been less of studies to provide a specific answer to this question. There is no question of rightness or wrongness, in my view, but about the applicability in this so called self-claiming modern era of the 21st century.

One important argument against this is that the requirement of same sex marriage is just sexual choice. Here the obligation falls upon folks to create situations of parity, but an institutional barrier tells us that we are in a social contract with legal obligations.

The purpose of marriage?

Talking about marriage of the same sex takes us to one important understanding which is very simple though hard to understand. What is marriage and what is its purpose? Whether marriage is legal requirement or a social necessity? Here the legal system has to play a pivotal position in describing what role it has and what functions its subjects are to perform. Marriage, which has been taught to us from time immemorial, is between man and woman ONLY. Can this supposition can be changed.

What is the role of gender identity?

Whether it is to provide one or snatch all and force one? There are no exceptions and left outs in gender identity. Mandatory gender difference has created problems which are to solved and it is not just a social matter but a legal as well.

One should not be denied from his or her identity. There should not be an option is whether your identity or… The government or the institution has to play a part, not a neutral one because there are no neutral parts. Neutral means to be with the powerful side or the winning side. These people do face discrimination that is a fact and everyone knows that but needs to be done now is the answer to which everyone is willing to listen.

The mendaciousness of deciding the gender creates what pre written roles are to be performed when one is born as a boy or a girl. A gender is a born at the time of birth and not identity. After the legalization of same sex marriage, there will be no question to gender. But here is confusion between sex and gender. Gender is a social creation, while sex is a biological category. The argument will be that they are not naturally acceptable to marry and thus cannot be accepted as usual.


History and cultural norms which a building up role for individual and families, LGBT’s lacks their support too. What come first are the legal rights against social equality for these minority groups. There is a saddle on these groups to explain and give strong arguments for their relationships. What is required is to change the social paradigm and the mind set of people. The means are created inside the society to show that demands of these groups are erroneous. What matters is how we approach to the social and legal aspects which are shown as problems by the institutions.


Called the LGBT pride flag is a representation of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender and the social movements. It symbolizes diversity and pride in being LGBT.

The pride flag


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