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Updated on March 2, 2012

Breathing you in

Your sweet, soft, pillow lips pressed against mine today. They suckled my body as if I was the source of the luscious nectar of life itself. I am lingering now in those moments, and tossing my head back to gather a deep breath, I remain lost in that image. Hours have passed, yet your essence cloaks me still. I am saturated with you. I don’t want to wake up from this vision that causes my head and my heart to converge in a dreamy dance of lustful love.

My lazy smile weighs heavy on my eyes as I succumb to their demand to close, and with delicious satisfaction, I quietly relive the moments where we lingered in each other’s arms. Teasing, tasting, touching, and never, ever possessing enough of you, I dig my nails into your skin as if to brand you as mine, and only mine. Eyes so soft staring back at me, I feel I could fall from the highest star and they would cradle me from my rapid descent, and deliver me to your waiting arms. You fill me completely, but at your departure, I starve for you.

As you left, you turned to me, and pressing gentle kisses upon my lips, you pushed me farther still into this haze of love. My darling, those kisses were as sensual as any we shared earlier, a promise of kisses to come. As we stood in the circle of each other’s arms, I breathed you in, trying to fill myself with enough of you to sustain me until, until, until the next time. My love, do not tarry and thereby torture me, for I am held captive awaiting your return.

© 2012 Bella Nina

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