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7 Reasons Why Women Reject Men

Updated on December 24, 2021

Recently I posted a blog about a radio interview in which rapper 50 Cent made a statement regarding pop singer Rihanna. In the statement (which was obviously delivered with a blunt and brazen choice of words) he stated that he would decline to deal with girls like her because her “thing” was to leave guys feeling “like the girl” in the relationship …translation: left with the broken heart.

Of both genders, women (physically), are the weaker sex, and too, are usually emotionally weaker (in ways that although men really are most emotional fragile); men are better able to collect and conceal pain better than women are (typically). By contrast, there are some instances where a woman can seem as tough as nails, and as game-playing, and heart breaking as the average male.

By nature (and nurture), women are bred to be the weaker sex and because of that, (usually) they naturally fall into gender roles such as [being]: subservient, submissive, cooperative, care-taking, caring (and nurturing).

Certain situations (and too, certain circumstances) can thwart a woman into seeming (or truly being) tough as nails in the eyes, and minds of men. It’s not always that quiet in the heart of a woman on that western front. For many women, love is a battlefield in which some develop a strategy on how to win and not get hurt (and too, how to ration her time, her mind, or even her body such that still-what she holds onto, hopes, or feels is [her] ideal; she will save the best of her self for last, and that greater-later).

Have you ever had that feeling of having a close personal relationship with a woman and it’s something about her that-although she may like your company, she may dine out with you, she may allow you to take some of her time talking on the phone, or she may even sleep with you yet; something still feels like you are in the “friend zone” despite the fact that you may be doing companionship-types of things?

...You know that feeling where she just won’t let you in [in a way that you are at a point with her] that no matter how intimate or close you seem, you still know, even without words being spoken and clear boundaries established; that you do not have the authority to lock her in, or demand any more from her than she [already is in charge of giving you on her terms and her time].

Or maybe you had that one girl where you were close and personal for whatever amount of time, and she slowly but surely drifted and either clearly put you in the friend zone, or left you alone altogether.

Well, here are the 7 main reasons why a woman may seem like a tough nut to crack:

1) She Is Keeping a Light On For Somebody That She Already Loves Wants To Be With

This is a big (and common one).

There's an old song that happens to be this kind of woman's theme song (whether she knows the song or not), but I'll put you on to it, It's called: "Keeping a Light," by Nat King Cole's daughter: Natalie Cole.

Often times, a woman may have circumstances in which [like that Facebook relationship status says: ‘It’s complicated]—sometimes, it really is complicated. Whether it be a man who is married/in another relationship that she is seeing, or whether it be a man that she was in a relationship with and something unforeseen, unfortunate, or major happened that pulled them apart in the middle of loving him. Or whether it be someone that she has in mind to pursue; when a woman is keeping a light on for a man that she already has in her mind and heart, no matter how close, personal, intimate (or even sexual) you two may be-you will always find yourself scratching at her door, pulling at her skirt tail, trying to lock her down (or getting left without notice, explanation, or warning altogether). If a woman is keeping a light for someone else, you do not stand a chance unless he dies and therefore, flame is put out by force [see #7].

2) She Is Evolved Such And May Be At A Point In Her Life Plan Where She Has A Kind Of Business Plan And Idea About How She Wants Her Life And What Kind Of Man She Wants In It

It’s not that she doesn’t love, love (or even you-perhaps). But it’s just that she already has a clear, concise plan about the business of life and love, and you have to fit into that plan as she has it mapped out for her life, first. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you have, or what you do for a living-she will not give you the time of day or allow you to waste any iota of her ambitious time unless she is sure and has proof that you are about the business of her plan on life, and then from there love is welcome. This kind of woman feels that once you become apart of her vision and is demonstrative of that-that in and of itself, is love of her and for her. But unless you are demonstratively about that in her life, you are not welcome to hers. If you do not fit into her plan, you will not be her man-pretty much under no uncertain terms.

3) She’s Emotionally (Not Sexually) Promiscuous and Is Okay With Being That Way

Some women are serial daters and much a part of their life is dating as a “lifestyle”-just like taking on fitness as a “lifestyle” (and incorporating it as apart of ones day like work to do), or eating right as a “lifestyle” (versus dieting). Dating is a major part of their social life whether or not she is or is not a social butterfly. This woman has mastered the science of “how to date” and find fulfillment in that. She is comfortable with emotional relationships and/or physically spreading herself thin (so to speak) by dating promiscuously. No matter how many good guys she meets or dates, she just hasn’t considered settling down as yet. For this kind of woman, a relationship will pretty much have to sneak up on her and just “happen”-but she doesn’t necessarily romance the thought or “plan” on commitment (or exclusivity with no one man). And just because you may not have hit the sack with her as yet, that doesn’t mean she is probably lesbian or that you don’t stand a chance-that too, will probably just “happen” one day (or no).

4) Whether You Know It or Not, She is Sexually + Emotionally Promiscuous-Open To Exclusivity But You Haven’t Managed To Lock Her Down Yet

You very well may be on the carousel of her social, sexual, and emotional butterfly roster yet, whatever it is you have between you two isn’t such that she is quite ready to redeem her frequent fly-about style for just: You (as yet-for whatever reason).

5) The Sex With You Is Everything-Literally: A Perfect Combination of Lust + Love + Intimacy All Wrapped Up into the Good Sex That It Is...Yet, Beyond the Covers-It’s Nothing More, or Nothing Less Than...........Great Sex

Everything seems so intimate and close and personal and one on one with you two, and the sex between you is awesome, explosive, and incomparable yet, once you two are out of the sack, you either go back to “friend zone,” or you don’t even talk again until it is time to hook up [again]. Or, it seems strange, because you carry on as if you’re in a relationship and even talk on the phone like you’re in a relationship yet, after the sex, it seems “until next time,” and you can clearly hear a quartet singing: “I’m so glad we had this tiiiime…together.” Well, it’s not that she’s just not that into you, but she consciously made the decision that sex is where it starts and ends (for whatever reason).

6) Bad Sex and/or She Is a Size Queen

It’s like that saying from the one movie: “You had me at hello.”

Even without a man having said or done anything major, or anything remotely close to resembling exclusivity and commitment, for some women, you have them at “holler”...their hollering from some good wanky/good sex. Good sex or a man with power, penis, promise and/or paper can make some kinds of women insta-domesticated in ways that is sure to give the culinary, craft, and craftiness of Martha Stewart a run for her money. Good wank or good sex can make some women tear up her nightclub VIP membership, ex out friends, clean out her iPhone contact list, go buy the wedding invitations, and buy her own ring (then tuck ‘em snug and safely away in the top, right corner of her panty drawer-awaiting your invitation for her hand in marriage after the full stomach she hoped made its way to your heart some times too many).

But by contrast, some bad wanker and/or bad sex can make some women pack up and flee from you reminiscent of the man closing the piano in “The Color Purple” and yelling: “Whoop! Time to go!” …the moment before “Sofia” balled her fist to punch out Harpo’s new girl: “Squeek” after getting slapped [by her-around the 2:25-2:46 mark of the below-mentioned video] :)

Some women will force, beg, borrow, lie, steal, kill and build a whole entire relationship around good wanker and/or sex, and will accept anything, any kind of treatment, or any amount of time you ration her-and too, work around all kinks and wrongs between the two of you based upon that good wanky and/or sex.

Opposite that, some women will change their number, move, get a face-lift and pull a Machiavelli on you-never to be seen or heard from again-over bad sex and/or wanky that fell below her expectations and/or if she is a size queen (see Gem #4-the entire first section/beginning).

7) She Knows You Are Trouble

Whether it be because of your reputation, you’re unavailable/married, your lifestyle, or career; for many women, if you have already or she feels you will break her heart, she will avoid being a notch under your belt. And although she can flirt with/romance the idea of being with you, can make out with you, and even be intimate with you in every way, she will buckle her knees as tight as Mick’s hat band before she gives into you (sexually), because she knows that it’s the last thing to hold on to (or hold over you) that she has while not trusting being just another notch under your belt.

As well (whether you’ve been sexually intimate or not), if she kept the flame for you for far too long and you forced her away or out of like/love with you by never meeting her emotional needs enough to give her the commitment she desired; she will either meet someone else and start anew (with or without telling you). Or she will gather the strength to pack up her broken heart and leave without you (whether or not the decision to leave was emotional, or seemingly like nothing more than the decision to move on). She will just leave/cut you off with, or without notice (and for some women-no explanation); merely leaving you think she just wasn’t into you anymore but the fact of the matter was: you wasted her time, and/or broke her heart, and/or or didn’t give her what she hoped for whether you knew it, blew it (or not).


Just like men determine what “tier” they place women in order of importance to them (to determine their dating/intimate style with that woman), women know within the first few minutes if she intends on sleeping with you (or no). And believe it or not, it’s not just in the movies or funny commercials where, in 2 minutes time--an elevator opens, the couple makes eye contact, speaks, smiles at one another and that woman envisions:

  • the house on the hill
  • the white picket fence
  • the 2-car garage
  • pink for the girl, blue for the boy, and
  • two dogs that go: “woof woof!”

...[in a matter of seconds].

Truth is-she does. It’s just that if you make it with her past the meeting in the elevator, at some point in her life (if you two do not hit it right off and dating/a relationship doesn’t start right after your eyes met in that elevator), you will indeed be somewhere within these seven areas in her life (that were already factors in her life, or about her self before the two of you even met).

That's the bright side to "rejection" (or dealing with a woman who seems tough as nails).

Now you know the reasons why.

Good luck to you fellas!

© 2014 OSFMagWriter


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