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Sexual Harassment Against Women

Updated on July 12, 2018

Sexual Harasment



According to report, sexual harassment on women continues to escalate by the day. The rate at which women are harassed is at the higher rate. There have been lots of report cases of sexual harassment on women.

The reason this article focused on women is basically because women are mostly on the receiving side. Notwithstanding both men and women had experienced sexual harassment in one way or the other. Having said that, to prevent sexual harassment, the statement of Dr. Moira Carmody should be adhered to.

According to Dr. Moira Carmody of the University of Western Sydney on her keynote address on News approach to Sexual harassment prevention. She states: “It may be timely that we capitalize on discussions of war and many people’s resistance to this to widen the conversation to consider all forms of violence…However if we continue to essentialise masculinity and femininity and avoid the complexity of sexual relations and sexual violence, we leave little hope for primary prevention becoming a reality instead of a dream”

In recent years, particularly in the year 2017, women launched a campaign on social media sharing their ordeal of sexual harassment with the hastag #MeToo coined by New York community organizer Tarana Burke, which became a hot topic globally.

It has been estimated that 81 percent of women and 43 percent of men had experienced one form of sexual harassment during their lifetime.

According to Nigeria Punch Newspaper dated 1st August 2011 “India recorded almost 22,000 rape cases in 2008, 18 per cent up on 2004, the National Crime Records Bureau says.” According to this report, it means that rape cases are increasing by the day and probably because of the untruthful women, most of the culprits of these cases were never persecuted. And it became imperative for me to insert that If the culprits of all these cases are persecuted it will reduce the high rate of sexual abuse on innocent women.

Sexual abuse or harassment is described as a situation whereby a woman is forced to have sex without her consent. When a man forcefully have carnal knowledge of a woman its termed as rape,

Sexual Harassment


Different Places Where Women Experience Sexual Harassment

Workplace: This is common place where cases of sexual harassment is rampant, it has spur women to launch a campaign tagged #MeToo.

School: Several reports on sexual harassment in schools is no longer news, it happens on a daily basis. harassment from teachers and students against fellow student.

Family: Family which is supposed to be home to women has become a place where they are being harassed. fathers harassed their daughters, uncles harassing their nieces etc.

Social events:

Worship places etc.

Sexual Harassment against Women

Sexual harassment

Sexual harassment in the workplace
Sexual harassment in the workplace | Source


Avoid bad friends: choosing friends might seem very easy but I must say that it is act of taking a risk though it has become imperative to take risk but one has to be sensitive and cautious while taking some risk like choosing friends because the friends you choose can either make or mar you, opt friends with people you can trust. There was a report of a university female student who was raped by two men. Her friend in the university asked her to accompany her to the house of these two men who later raped her, being her friend she agreed and followed her.

When they got there, her friend excused herself leaving her with those men. She did not knowing that her girlfriend initiated the rape plan with them though later they were arrested alongside with her girlfriend but the damage has been done. It is very crucial to know your friends very well because after discussing your secret with him/her they might destroy you through those things you discussed with them.

At Workplace: There should be a working policy in every organization based to curb this issue so that women can feel free and be more productive in their places of work.

Be Aware of your environment and aware of people around you. That does not apply being afraid of your environment or people around you, rather it means that you should be conscious of the places you go to at a certain time and also study the type of people who are always around you to avoid being harassed.

Punishing the Culprits
Finally but not the least, to eradicate sexual abuse/harassment in our society, those who has been tried and are found guilty should be punished.


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  • Benny01 profile imageAUTHOR

    Ijeoma Peter 

    3 years ago from Lagos, Nigeria

    Dashingscorpio you are always on point. There is nothing wrong complimenting a lady for her fine legs but its becomes a harassment when the same man would come back and say 'wow you 've got such a hot legs', don't you think so? Especially when you have no relationship whatsoever with the lady in question. Therefore, there should be a limit to our behavior towards the opposite sex to avoid misunderstanding our real intention(s). Thanks for your feedback.

  • dashingscorpio profile image


    3 years ago

    The problem with sexual harassment once you get beyond the obvious overtly display is it often comes down to how the woman feels about the man.

    Two men can say the exact same things to a woman; "Your legs look great with that dress." If she has a "crush" on one of them it's "compliment" and if dislikes the other it's "sexual harassment".

    In the U.S. several years ago a male employee got into trouble because a woman overheard him telling a fellow male co-worker about a Jerry Seinfeld TV episode that dealt with which character could go the longest without masturbating. Odds are many women across America saw that episode and laughed but this woman was offended simply overhearing about it.

    Therefore since sexual harassment in many instances is in the eye of the beholder it's probably best that co-workers avoid any type of flirting or compliments which could in the slightest be implied as inappropriate.


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