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Updated on June 27, 2016

A lot of people ask me, why you always alone like that. Actually I do not have autism, but that's the way I forget the unhappy mind.


Everyone has an angle of refuge for the soul, to relieve the deadlock, the success or failure happy or sad. It can be a person, or an animal. Sharing makes people feel a lot better. Me too, but the corner of my sheltering more specifically, it was the loneliness.

Sad moments, I like to sit alone, alone, alone, alone, to silence gobbling it all away. In those moments of frustration, boredom with myself, I like to isolate himself, sat for hours just to listen to a song, or think twice served as the previous one. Some people are afraid of loneliness, but I loved it, loved the feeling of everyone around them is strange, love the feeling no one noticed, no one cares what I am and will do. As such, I feel free, though there is failure or inferiority nor ashamed, and so that stood up to go forward.

Some say I'm eccentric. But why does anyone think that keeping everything inside is safe? Sometimes I do not think anyone is interested, even easier to share the news that there will be people worry, listen to her more than themselves.


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