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STOP the Man Caves!

Updated on February 26, 2013

Stop the Man Caves!

Vote No for a Man Cave

STOP the Man Caves!

Hey have you seen the newest trend in home building the glorious Man Cave? NO WAY!!

I totally protest the Man Cave in today’s busy times, working and family only leaves a little time bonding with each other to have a man claim a Man Cave in his home.

What happened to the (Family Room) and the sharing of games with the family rather than the closed door of the man cave to the rest of his family, and do we want to train our children in that mindset that men should divide themselves from women and children?

If I could start a protest on such an absurd idea I would.

I say No Way to a Man Cave and Yes to the Family Room.

Imagine spending thousands of dollars for a house and going out literally to build a room where only the man dwells, over indulges in his favorite sports and locks the family out from those warm country rides in the mountains and sharing things like hiking and beach combing with the family. Is our society so warped to think a man needs his own cave; even the cave man had women and children with them. It revolts me to think we are such a lazy self indulgent society to cater to this new trend.

This article is just an attention getter to make people think how society is changing.

Think about what a man does in a man cave, watch TV, drink, talk to only men, and eat. That contributes to less family interaction and obesity in the world.

Vote No for a Man Cave!

© B. A. Williams


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    • Don Fairchild profile image

      Don Fairchild 6 years ago from Belgrade, ME

      Good Point about Cave vs Family, I would also recommend that a guy should not insist that the family room be outfitted in diamond plate steel or covered with nude pictures. Nor should it be decorated with pink lace and fainting couches either... My wife and I watch Star Trek and chick flicks in our family room all the time, sometimes she goes off to read a book in the other room though.

      Neither of us are offended or annoyed with each other. And we don't have or need to have a designated cave.

      Nice chat, check out some of my manly HUBs here, you might be surprised.

    • B. A. Williams profile image

      B. A. Williams 6 years ago from USA

      Touche well said, but seeing how expensive homes are today, and yes I assume they would have a cellar or a garage do we deem it financially possible to have a Man Cave vs a family room. One room would have to go right?

      *laughs* I am still picketing them, and off to the club or cellar you go. (said in jest)

    • Don Fairchild profile image

      Don Fairchild 6 years ago from Belgrade, ME

      Man caves in various forms have existed for centuries. Remember the smoking rooms at a gentleman's club? How many times have you heard a family discussion about how the "Man" needs to take his hobby or interest down into the basement or garage where it will not offend the "Normal" feminine interests.

      By all means a family room should be a room where all the interests of a family are honored and enjoyed, but when the interest of a manly sort are demeaned and declared somehow un-family. Then most guys are given the impression that they are somehow inferior, ergo the man-cave. So please shut the cellar door on your way upstairs thank you.