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Updated on July 8, 2011

The marriage institution has its life cycle.It is usually very bright and rosy at the early stage but interest tends to wane with time.Falling in love may have seemed effortless,but keeping your Christian marriages strong requires ongoing efforts.The good news is----building a healthy marriage is not all that complicated or difficult if you are determined to follow a few basic principles.

1.Pray together.'' A family that prays together stays together''.Praying together as a family has a way of bonding relationship.When you pray together,sometimes holding hands,you cannot possibly go to bed angry with each other.

2.Study the word together.Having morning devotion together to study the word of God has a way of allowing the Holy Spirit to mediate and resolve thorny family issues that could have lingered.

3.Make decisions together.Some family decisions are better made as a couple.The choice of car,residence,children's school and accommodation guests are some of the decisions that should be taken jointly to engender trust and avoid friction.

4.Attend Church together.Couples who attend different Churches hamper the growth of a strong and virile marriage.Attending the same Church means listening to the same message and being able to share notes after Church service.

5.Continue dating.Once married,couples often neglect the area of romance,especially after the kids come along.Continuing a dating life is vital to maintaining a secure and intimate marriage.

Therefore,in other for us to build a healthy marriage institution,and keeping the fire of our marriage continuing burning.Let us try to put into practice the above few basic principles.As we do so,may God renew the love between us and our spouse. Amen!


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