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Sabriya Jefferson's Event Planning Blog-Week 1

Updated on June 4, 2011

This was my first week as an intern and I got put to work right away. I have begun working on a bridal expo and I love it! I love weddings, I have been watching Wedding Sundays on WE and reading bridal magazine just because for years. My own wedding is practically planned, all that’s missing s the groom.  So I would hardly call looking up bridal boutiques and caterer’s hard work but rather entertaining and kind of fun. 

When I started to look for businesses to contact about being venders in the exposition I instantly went to the site TheKnot.Com. I stumbled upon this site a few months ago while working on a class project and it has really came in handy. The Knot is a site mainly for brides who need help with planning their weddings but has helpful information for planning practically any event. The site allows the visitor to plug in their zip code and search for venues, caterers, limo services, wedding planners and more. Needless to say through this I found some great potential venders. 

After finding these great businesses I had to figure out how to send out a professional solicitation email inviting them to be a part of the exposition. For this I asked my mother, who is an event planner herself. She sent me in a good direction to find some great templates.  I have been sending emails for the past couple of days (there are that many businesses), while also looking up information for potential sponsors for the program. Overall my first week has been very busy and I cannot wait to see what else the internship has in store.

Sabriya Jefferson

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