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Sad Truth Why You Will Never Succeed In Online Dating

Updated on October 4, 2014
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Online dating seems to be the in-thing now, such that if you aren’t involved in it, you look either odd or archaic, especially when all your peers are giving testimonies of how they found love over the internet with less hassle, but guess what? It is not everyone that will find true love on the internet, and you know why? Read on.

Global internet users have risen so fast within the past few years, such that 6 in every 10 young people you come across today are either accessing the internet on their mobile handsets, tablets, desktop or a laptop computer; and four out of the remaining number are registered on one dating website or social media network; making it easy for a young person to find someone of the opposite sex who shares similar views with them, and who may be living very far away from them, which makes it fun to find date online.

Despite all these, online dating seems not to be working for majority of people venturing into it, and this calls for a critical examination of the reasons why many online dates fail, which brings us to the topic of the day- online dating: the problem is you!

Without mincing words, I want to tell you that the major reason why you haven’t succeeded in finding love via online dating is as a result of misplaced priorities, how? Calm down and read on, I am about to tell you your biggest mistake in online dating.

Reasons You Won't Find Love Online

Your profile is stabbing you: how can you put up a crazy profile on a dating website and expect cool-headed people to write you? If your profile sends sex object signal to the viewers, obviously, only those interested in a one-night stand will contact you, and once they achieve their goal, off they go! In order words, you need a good online profile to attract the right person or persons; which is the beginning of your success or failure in online dating.

You focus so much on frivolous qualities: when you allow your fantasies to becloud your good sense of judgment, you will most likely make a wrong choice of partner online. How do I mean? For instance, you are a man searching for love online, and your first focus is on physical beauty- how sexy and attractive the ladies are, how long her hair is, how tall her legs are, and how flat her tummy is. Take it from me, if these are your first priorities when searching for love online, you are already on the route of failure because those things aren’t the true definition of a person, instead, you should focus on their personality as a person, their belief, interest and vision, and not just on their physical beauty alone. And this has landed so many people, especially guys in shabby internet dates.

You are materialistic: one big mistake most ladies searching for love online do is focusing on how much wealth the guy on the other end of the computer has to offer. Mind you, most playboys have changed pattern- from traditional to conventional, such that they now rely on the internet for easy hunting of prey. Therefore, if you want to get it right, try and zero mind on material wealth, and seek for personality traits first.

You trust so quick: test before you trust, and don’t trust people you meet online before you test them. No matter what, it is a taboo to trust someone you just met on the internet, to the extent of embarking on a long-hour trip to meet with them without informing any of your relation or close friend.

Before you embark on a journey to meet with someone you just met via an online dating site or social medial network, it is advisable for you to inform someone very close to you; giving them exact direction and address of the meet up venue, and if possible, go along with a company just in case.

You give IT too early: remember that sex is not love and love is not sex, and even though it is vital to keep some relationships going stronger, you must learn to delay your appetite for it, especially when the relationship is less than six months old.

Your first date matters: the first impression you create on the first day you are meeting someone you met over the internet matters a lot in defining the future of the relationship. If for instance, you create a very bad first impression on your first meet up, believe me, it will be very difficult for you to change it.

Your expectation is too high: many people searching for love online end up feeling frustrated after their first two to three trials because they had high expectation of the other partner. When going on the internet to find a date or a soul mate, please don’t expect too much; see them as normal people you come across on daily basis and do not go fantasizing too much to avoid disappointment when you meet up with them.

If you can overcome some of the aforementioned pitfalls, I bet you will find not just a date, but a soul mate via online dating soonest.


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