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Sad: Biggest Effect of Coronavirus Is on Human Physical Relationship and Romance

Updated on April 1, 2020
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MG is an air warrior and a global traveler who loves to visit and explore new places and trends


The 'China virus' has changed the world. The unique virus has a direct effect on human relationships. In a way, the virus has taken the romance between a man and woman and the physical intimacy that is associated with love disappears like a dream. Shall we say 'gone with the wind?' Will it ever come back?

There is any number of articles advising how to to get out of the grip of the virus. The central theme of all of them is social distancing and that means, no physical intimacy with any person. This advice hits at the essence of a woman falling in love with a stranger. I am afraid all this is gone and I do not know how it can ever come back

One is reminded of the famous lover Don Juan or Don Giovanni. His travels and exploits as brought out by the writer Tirso de Molina even in the present-day thrill readers. Seducing an unknown maid is part of romance. but this 'China virus 'is just about to kill it. I do not know how another Don Juan can again come into this world.

To beat the virus experts advise social and physical distancing. They also advise staying at home. All the tales of love and romance that we read would become just that fantasies as the Coronavirus has killed it.

Physiologists and philosophers have opined that man is by nature polygamous. Even in the animal world, the lion is the king. This is not to decry the role of the female sex but just a statement of fact that a female is never complete without a man. The Coronavirus has hit at this nature of man. Polygamous relationships are out in preference to monogamist relationships. This by herself is not bad but the essence of sex and attraction are factors that are difficult to define. It's a chemistry that has never been explained. God forbid it lasts, for then we would be entering an abyss and one might well say where has love gone.

A man will forever be hesitant now in approaching a woman for a closer relationship. As at the back of his mind it will always loom whether she has the coronavirus.

Effect of Social Distancing

Some months back before the virus had shown its colors, I will relate to my readers a small exciting story. I remember a get-together and my friend invited me. He said it was a bachelor party and dance. As I was a bachelor, I was invited.

I went to the party found about a dozen girls and a similar number of men. The girls were supposed to pick up the T-shirts/shirts put in a large basket and the girl was expected to pick one, smell the odor and decide whether she would like him as a partner for the dance. It was exhilarating and a girl selected my t-shirt. It turned out to be a young girl from Australia.

Later she told me that she was excited to dance with me as she had always dreamed of an airman who had piloted planes at speeds of Mach II. What happened next is another story. This looks like a distant dream now as the wise men are cautioning against any such gathering.

As the coronavirus has spread scientists and doctors are calling upon people to engage in social distancing. Many are also advising self-quarantining and such practices have increased. In such a scenario stag and dance parties, such is a strict no.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has recommended that people stay away from other people by at least 6 feet at all times unless they live with a partner or family member. That amount of distance effectively curtails the possibility of physical contact with a relative stranger, meaning dating — casual or not — is indefinitely on hold. This is applicable globally.

There is a flip side to this as research has shown that touch is beneficial to both men and women and their physical and mental health. The end result is that these necessary precautions are nothing short of frustrating for those of us who crave a level of intimacy but are denied it in the name of the greater good.

Tongue in cheek

I am an optimistic man. I believe there is always something good out of every breath of life or event. I know a couple who were stuck up together having nothing to do but get more intimate and then the net result was that his girlfriend conceived. He was lucky she didn't have the virus. Now? They will marry once this dreadful time passes.

I will say this is the positive step as a result of the Coronavirus and they will stick together because of the virus

The new coronavirus isn’t sexually transmitted, but with all the French kissing, face-to-face contact, and general body closeness of lovers, the risk of transmitting the virus is high.

What does it mean?

Sex parties are canceled. The bars, restaurants, and fitness studios where you’d usually find someone to bang are closed.

Most of the dating apps even caution about dating and mating in the present time of coronavirus.

Will the world come back to normal? I don't know. Your guess is as good as mine but I am saddened that the good old world has ended. Who is to blame? No way but China. That's another story.

What to do next. As swami Ramdev, the yoga guru says now us the time for abstinence and development of ESP through yoga by mastering the Sir Asana. (Headstand). However, take it with a pinch of salt.

A lover like Bihma, going up the mountain to love a nymph in a glass lift is a no-no. What if he contracted the coronavirus through her? that will be his folly. Why did this happen? Lord Krishna in the Gita says "not a leaf moves without my will." Maybe a greater belief in Krishna will help tide over this time. Look for the rainbow ahead.


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