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Safety First With On Line Dating

Updated on March 27, 2012
On Line Dating - Let's be safe out there
On Line Dating - Let's be safe out there | Source

The new mode of dating is meeting on line in various chat rooms, different web sites, dating sites and social networks.

When initially chatting use methods to protect your safety. These rules apply to both men and women.

  1. Protect your identity - don't reveal your true name initially .. have them refer to you as your screen name for safety reasons. - Don't reveal any personal information. Don't give you out your address, where you work, names of family members anything personal reveals who you are or who you may know. Play it safe.
  2. Read their bio carefully -- does everything mesh? Are there any inconsistencies? - ask questions about what kind of work they do? Hobbies? Movies? Music? Try to get a feel about the type of person they are. Does any of this seem fake? Does it raise any flags? Remember go with your gut instinct.
  3. Don't agree to meeting right away - that should send up a red flag. Take time to chat on line then if you feel comfortable maybe on the phone. Use your cell phone number instead of your home phone. There is a way to look up someone's name and address by using the phone number. Your cell phone is a safety net.
  4. If they are secretive about anything something isn't quite right. This usually means either they are married or already in a relationship.

If everything seems okay and you consider meeting this person here are some tips to insuring your safety. These rules apply to both men and women.

  1. Agree to meet in a public place - somewhere you feel safe, if it's a favorite watering hole and they know you this may be a safe bet. Make sure the place isn't seclusive.
  2. Always tell someone where you will be, what time you are meeting that person and never leave to go anywhere unless you tell that person where you're going. Only agree if it's a public place! Take your own car, do not accept a ride with someone you don't know or are just meeting.
  3. Keep your cell phone with you at all times and make sure the ringers are on. Arrange for your friend to call at various times to be sure everything is okay. If you want you can always have a, " I'm not okay" type saying to give them a heads up. This will be there cue to bump into you at with another friend or their date.
  4. Dress carefully. Be comfortable. Don't wear clothes that reveal to much. Jeans and a casual shirt would be fine.
  5. At the end of the evening say your good-byes, don't go to their place or invite them to yours. Have someone call you at the time you're going to be leaving and let them know you'll be home in 15 to 20 minutes, give them a time frame.
  6. If the date goes well and he or she would like to set up another date use the same rules as above for the first few dates. Your safety comes first, no matter what.

Recently I was listening to a radio station that was having people call in with on line dating stories, some good, some not great and some scary as hell. One young man had been chatting with a women on line, made a date to meet her at her place and take her to dinner. When he arrived the lights were out but he saw flickering lights of candles, the women opened the door, her hair was messed up, she had a frenzy look in her eyes and was wearing dark clothes. The red flag came up and he turned away, got in his car and left in a hurry. Months later he saw this women on television, she had been arrested for murdering two men she met on line. This sent shivers down the young man's spine, knowing how close he possibly came to death. These are the kind of reasons you need to be safe, take every precaution you can.

Do you think this could be your Mr Right?
Do you think this could be your Mr Right? | Source


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    • IntimatEvolution profile image

      Julie Grimes 5 years ago from Columbia, MO USA

      Awesome. I love the images too. Great advice. You have a new fan.