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How to fix your marriage when they dont love you

Updated on December 19, 2013

How To Fix A Marriage

Are you ready to save a marriage or relationship from total disaster? Sometimes it’s hard for couples to understand what they really need to do to save a marriage from am inevitable divorce.

It’s just that the right tools and methods that need to be put in place are just not there or not available to them at the time.

Couples do want to stay together, they just let their pride get the best of them. For troubled couples, fighting and arguing is all about who wins. When in reality there is no true winner, just losers.

Hurting each other in a relationship or marriage doesn’t help matters get better. It just gets worse over time. So, you have to find the proper ways to fix a marriage or relationship.

As couples try to realize that they are in a marriage that needs to be saved, they must first consider the issues that escalates arguing, fighting and the constant nagging with each other. This may include troubled finances, children, career and social life.

Clinging on to the past may also be an indicator of a troubled relationship or marriage. If you know of a spouse that has not forgotten a precious relationship or marriage, and it is hard for them to get over it, then you must allow, patience and support to get through this tough time.

The simple task of making memories together, can also be a way of introducing new experiences and love in a troubled relationship, to save a marriage or relationship from failure. The more memories you create with your partner or spouse in life, the better they can appreciate and understand you in time.

Some of the best methods on how to fix a marriage or relationship include some basic fundamental skills that most couple either ignore or dismiss altogether.

Couples are so involved in the love effect so early on in a relationship, that they are usually blinded on what is to come after wards There is no doubt that being in a relationship or marriage is a beautiful thing.

But, when things start changing, like the moods and character of the ones that we love, then couples start looking for an escape path from each other. Couples don’t understand that in order to fix a relationship or marriage, it needs to be nurtured daily like a plant.

This may include the daily flows of affection and attention, that you need to give to your partner or spouse. It is important to understand that relationships and marriages thrive on how energetic and how love is being expressed daily to one another.

How can we understand to love someone else if we cannot love ourselves first? Introducing compassion to a relationship, opens up doors for forgiveness and understanding. Never doubt the vitality of a relationship and all it has to truly offer us.

Love is sharing, caring, affection, listening and communication with one another. These special attributes, that couples need to display daily, show us that it is important to maintain a level of understanding with one another. This idea will assist us in our relationship or marriage, to grow successfully.

Strategic Ways to Fix a Marriage

Some of the things that can save a marriage include:

1. Better Communication with each other: Remove any kind of pride or ego that you may have so that you can prepare for better things in the relationship or marriage.

2. Listening and Understanding: Better start doing this now before things get worse for the both of you. The act of communication between two people will allow anything that has been bottled up to be released so that positive energy can set in and take control.

3. Emotional Compassion: Understand that you and your partner has feelings. So throwing words of hate and discernment will get you no where, fast.

4. Trust and Love in each other: What do you have if you do not have any kind of trust that you can build on?

5. Focusing on each other: Each day, make it a habit of calling one another on the phone when you are away. Constant contact and a future appointments will each other will always re-set the mood to the way it was and will open new possibilities and memories that you can share with one another.

6.  Make sure you learn to compromise with each other.

7. Forgive and forget is key in fixing an already broken relationship.

8. Try to rekindle that spark you once had by opening up new and unforgettable memories together.

9. Communicate more with each other.  If you haven't done this all day, make sure you do this right before you both go to bed.  Communication is key in the longevity of a marriage.

10. Affection:  Make sure you are both giving and receiving the right amount of affection each day.  This may include, kissing, eye contact, romantic gestures and caressing.

How to Fix A Marriage

f you are willing to save your marriage, even if your spouse doesn’t want to, then there still may be a chance to turn things around, in your favor.

Many couples in this world are constantly conflicted with the facts that a divorce may be the result of their failing marriage. You must ask yourself, what happened to have cause these things? Is it your current life situation, career, children, or all of the above?

After a marriage, many spouses tend to put their careers first and foremost. They don’t focus on watering the plant of love in their marriage and nurturing it each day.

Yet, they dismiss the fact that their marriage needs nurturing and it withers and dies in the end. So, what do you do in this case? You water your marriage with love daily and don’t neglect it.

The magic of love in the beginning of a marriage was the most strong. So, what do you do about rekindling that unique love effect that left a tingle in your heart and soul? Don’t you want to feel like that again with your spouse? It’s not too late to turn things around in your favor.

How many arguments or fights is it going to take to make you two just call it quits with each other? Nobody likes a nagging wife or a husband that complains about everything.

But, if you sit down with your spouse in another location that is not your home, to talk about the issues at hand, then things may change for you both. This is how you can effectively fix a marriage or a relationship.

Your home may be too much of a distraction to get the right attention from your spouse or partner. So, implementing the idea of another location to talk can be quite beneficial and helpful to you both.

Never underestimate the power of love and all that it can truly provide to you both. Especially if you want to make up with your spouse or partner.

Be persuasive in your attempts to save a marriage. Try to rekindle that warm love that you felt for your spouse early on in the relationship.

Letting your spouse know that you care about them and that you are indeed willing to save the marriage for the better, will make them feel like they will want to do the same, as well. If you give, then you will receive back the same. Here are just some of the ways on how to fix a relationship or marriage.

Do marriages fail after having kids?

In the beginning, marriages are as happy and wondrous as they can be.But, when you introduce the idea of having kids, the possibility of a most perfect union has the capacity of ending if you are not too careful with it.

Most women, (not all) get bored or un-attached when you have kids. As a man, you must stand prepared in what you have to do to prevent anything from happening that may hinder your relationship to each other.

There are so many things that happen that you can prepare yourselves for any inconvenience that may take place between the both of you.

Learn about Feng Shui-

This may be one of the biggest things that may help your marriage. The organization of your homeand the bedroom can bring such a positiveenergy flow that can influence human behavior to a degree of acceptance. When yourw worldis upside dowen at your home, you can see why so many things end up bad and not in your favor.

The organization in our bedroom may have a direct impact in your life if certain pieces of furniture is not positioned properly.

1. Make sure your bed is not positioned in the same wall as your door.

2. Get rid of all mirrors in side your bedroom. If anything is in your bedroom that is not bedroom related, remove them immediately.

If you are a good looking man that likes to stay fit,well groomed and good looking, this does not matter. Women absolutely change after having kids. Let me tell you by experience and by all of the countless articles that I have researched in advising you all of this.

There is no doubt that having little toddlers that destroy the house is a most common thing. Most couples find it very hard to even cope with the ideas of little kids destroying everything in sight. But the fact of the matter is, is that they were conceived in love and you must be patient in understanding this. Trust me it gets easier to handle as the years go by.


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    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Thank you I really needed this, I believe this will work wonders in my marriage. I love my husband and I just needed some advice on rekindling the love we have for each other, The road we're headed down somewhere fast is getting us in a bigger rut and I'm taking a side road to get it back on track!! Thanks again!!

    • dh43marriageman profile image


      8 years ago

      Great advice here, thanks for the wonderful tips.


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