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Wedding Cake: Make Your Own & $AVE BIG Bucks!

Updated on December 14, 2015
Should you buy a supermarket wedding cake? You do have options!
Should you buy a supermarket wedding cake? You do have options!

Save Wedding Dollar$: Make Your Wedding Cake!

A few years ago, I wrote my second book, The Elegant Wedding and the Budget-Savvy Bride. It focused on how to do a wedding for less, a lot less.

When it came to writing the chapter on wedding cakes, I was stumped! How do I advise my readers to save money on wedding cakes? Tell them to go to their local supermarket? Well, maybe, but there had to be another option...

So I decided the only way to save money on this delectable wedding tradition, which costs hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, was to make your own!

Can YOU make a wedding cake? YES!
Can YOU make a wedding cake? YES!

Can You Really Make a Wedding Cake?

I decided that I wouldn't ask my readers to do anything that I wouldn't do myself, so every weekend, I baked a wedding cake. Beforehand, I called Rose Levy Biranbaum, the author of The Cake Bible to ask her opinion. She agreed that it could be done and told me that many of her readers consult her about making their wedding cakes. It's actually something that a bride- and groom-to-be can do together! 

So I wrote the wedding cake chapter in my book about how to bake (general knowledge), and specifically, how to bake and decorate your wedding cake for success! 

Each week, I took my sample cakes to my bridal salon, where my customers tasted and critiqued my cakes. I was a success! 

This cake gives the appearance of a tiered cake, because of the cake stand.
This cake gives the appearance of a tiered cake, because of the cake stand.

How To Do It...

First, you need to come up with some good recipes that will feed the number of guests you'll be hosting at your wedding. Then you need to practice. Remember that wedding cakes don't have to be tiered. In one example of my wedding cakes, I placed three separate layers on three different pieces of decorative porcelain (all different heights), and topped the layers with dried flowers. I placed fresh flowers around the base. It was stunning, easy, and simple to do.

Remember, too, that you can make a fancy cake for the reception that's smaller and make a sheet cake in the same batter, filling and frosting, which can be cut and served when the wedding cake is. No one will be the wiser. 

You don't need a bakery truck to transport a wedding cake!
You don't need a bakery truck to transport a wedding cake!

Logistics, Transporting and Assembling Wedding Cake

I advise that you take the cake to the home of relatives and/or friends before the wedding, who will then take the cake to the reception site and assemble it for you, according to your specifications, on the day of the wedding.

NOTE: Cake freezes perfectly for up to six weeks. Contrary to popular opinion, cake that's frozen does not taste "dry". Boxed cakes, however (the kind made by supermarkets), do.  

For More "Bake Your Own" Wedding Cake Info...

Please write to me and I'll send you free information about making your own wedding cake, along with some recipes from famous cake bakers.


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