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Tips to Save Money on Wedding Invitations

Updated on October 23, 2011

The day has finally come where you are planning your dream wedding. The details are being finalized and you still need to invite all of your friends and family to your big day. The only problem: you're on a budget! Here are some helpful tips when it comes to choosing the right invitations and saving money at the same time.

Keep it Simple, Keep it Standard

While throwing tissue paper, glitter, bows, ribbons, twine, jackets/card pockets and buttons onto your invitation can give them a creative touch, it can also add up. Not only will you have to spend some money (and time) on these little extra embellishments, it can also increase the cost of postage. The cost of postage can also increase if you use square invitations, instead of the standard 5x7 inches.

Do It Yourself

Digital or printable wedding invitations and stationery are a seemingly popular trend these days. You can find many printable wedding invitations on Etsy, with such shops as River St. Design, which offer a variety of modern and elegant designs suitable for any budget. You can also find printable design places on websites, such as Love vs. Design and A Printable Press.

The beauty with printables is that you can choose your own paper and print at home, which can cut down on the overall cost of your invitations.

Another route with DIY invitations are purchasing pre-made invitation sets at stores such as Michael's or Staples and adding the wording yourself, then printing.

Or, if you are saavy with design software, you can design your own wedding invitations in programs such as Photoshop or Illustrator or free programs such as Gimp, Inkscape or

Watch Out for Deals

Many wedding stationery companies online and brick and mortar stores specializing in stationery offer sales or discounts throughout the month. Check out for discount codes online, with websites such as Minted and Wedding Paper Divas.

Delivery Options

While some people may find this tacky, there is no shame (or lack of elegance) when it comes to hand delivering your invitations to your guests. If you see family members or friends on a regular basis, think about handing them their invitations to save on postage.

Enclosure and Response Card Options

While an enclosure card (which can include reception details, directions and accomodations) seem like they are necessary, you can actually do without them by starting a free wedding website or blog, which can include all of these details for your guests. To start a wedding website, visit,,,, or you can start a blog documenting your planning at or

A wedding website is also a great way to have your guest RSVP to your wedding, which will save on envelopes and postage for response cards. Or, you can use a postcard design for the RSVP, which will also save on envelopes and postage.


While invitations can set the tone for your big day, keep in mind that the main purpose of them is to request the pleasure of your friends' and families' company at your wedding. So, don't feel bad if you need to set a strict budget when it comes to stationery and invitations.


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    • Eloise Hope profile image

      Eloise Hope 6 years ago from Portland, Oregon, USA

      I really like your advice. Some of the most beautiful weddings I've seen have been the most classic. Trying to be 'unique' isn't really about the various details; every couple is already unique. The traditional, simple and beautiful things are less stressful and let your personality be the highlight.

      Voted up!