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Is my marriage or relationship falling apart? - Best tips for saving it.

Updated on January 19, 2017

 “55% to 60% of divorcing couples discard unions with real potential.” Says, Paul Amato (PhD), Professor of Sociology, demography and family studies at the university Penn State. He made this statement after conducting a research of monitoring 2000 married persons for 20 years

We must admit that the perfect couples does not exist other than in fairy tales. But, Many of these people say they still love their spouse; they divorce because the relationship does not comply with their expectations or because they are simply bored.

According to Professor Amato, “Many of these unions could improve with the time if only the couple decided to consult with counseling and enrichment programs”. Prof. Amato further added that, “It’s important to recognize that many of these marriages would improve over time.”

His statement “55% to 60% of divorcing couples discard unions with real potential.” Is a pathetic one and also an encouraging one in a way. It’s sad that people abandon their marital relationship not knowing they had a great chance to re-build it rather than simply walk away from it.

We must admit that it is very difficult to save a relationship when the physical violence, adultery or drug abuse are in the process of destroying, although this is not impossible to do so. But most of the relationships are not worse like that. Sometimes, to improve its life as a couple, it is sufficient to pay little attention & care more about your partner than you do right now.

Is Your Marriage Good Enough? Feels like you can save it before it’s too late? Find out how to do so on “Ten Golden rules to improve your relationship” ; which will guide you to deal with marriage problems & how to save a marriage.

1) Honest is the key to your relationship.

Cheating each other will eventually demolish the foundation of your marriage life & simply makes your lower rich…! If you breached the trust of your partner, stop & think a minute. Is it worth risking your love of life? Forget the past & determine not to break this golden rule of relationships…. TRUST.

2) Spent time with each other

Spent time with each other, relax, laugh, discuss social issues and strengthen family relationship. No matter where you are in your marriage/relationship, it’s an invaluable time to slow down a bit & make an implausible bond with the one you love.

3) Try to be simple & be true to your self.

Show that you truly care for your partner. Surprise them with little gifts with a little note. Imagine how it was in first week of your wedded life. Ya ….that speak a lot.

4) Spice up your love life…!

That's the key to have great sex: being open, creative, and active in the never-ending quest to make love better. Having a great sex life makes the bond tighter than ever. Try it & feel it, it’s your call.

5) Arrange an special outing every month.

Simply it can be watching a movie at a cinema / spouses favorite drama in a theater or a road trip to a distance place where you can spend your day together

6) Always try to have your meals together.

At least have your dinner together. View dinner time as a precious time to talk to each other, to re-enforce family values, & to express love to each other. For a little change, how about a romantic candlelight dinner?

7) Make sure you are giving the right priority to the relationship

.It may be simple as coming home on time to have dinner with your spouse, without joining friends for a beer party.

8) If you're frustrated because your partner’s actions, feel free to discuss them openly.

He/She may do this unintentionally; not realizing it’s hurting you. Remember….! no body is perfect in this world.

9) Always think & Act in a positive manner.

Do not discourage on life’s obstacles. Face them together & strengthened from those. Remember, every dark cloud has its own silver line.

10) Always TRUST your partner.

When you trust your partner no matter where he goes or what he /she does, that will give a big comfort feeling which enhance the bond. Try it out. You are still not late for that...!

P.S. Its very encouraging to see many transformed there worse relationships to a better ones & leading a happy life with there life partners. All you need is a willing heart. Nothing will able to stop you. As one said, “Life is a journey. Not a destination” Lets continue our journey with happiness, trust & divine love which remains so strongly till the last breath….!

© 2011 Bestlife


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    • Bestlife profile image

      Bestlife 2 years ago

      Hi Bernadeth; what you are explaining is the worst situation any one can imagine with little or no hope for re-building the relationship. Yes, there are situations like this & it is always better to quit & start your life from there onwards. do not take that as a Fairlie but lessens learned as a good foundation to a next relationship. Good luck & may peace be with you.

    • profile image

      bhernahdeth 2 years ago

      I like your advise but what if your partner is not really interested in building your relationship. What if it's only you who wants the relationship become better? How can you act positively if your partner is super negative? How can you trust your partner you cheated on you not only once but many times? He doesn't even want to have dinner with you or have conversation with you? Do you think it's best to quit?

    • Bestlife profile image

      Bestlife 3 years ago

      Dear DeBorrah;

      Thanks for the comment. I'm happy that you found this hub useful to you. good luck & Blessings ...!

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 3 years ago

      Bestlife, Great hub! You have some wonderful advice. A healthy balanced marriage is possible when husband and wife commit to working together! Life certainly is "a journey! " Thank You for sharing, Joy Peace & Blessings!