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Saying No - A gentleman's guide to using a cellphone !

Updated on May 9, 2013
Mobile Cellphone
Mobile Cellphone | Source

Lets face it for the vast majority of us, we just can't really live without our cellphones. They've become inseparable from us at work, after work & even at night.

This isn't one of those hubs that tells you how to decrease your use of cellphone for that is something I wouldn't know how to do to begin with but do tell me if you ever figure that one out ! I'm writing this hub to tell you what I've learned to be the civilized & gentleman-like way of using your cellphone.

A gentleman knows that even though a cellphone has become a necessity for most of us he doesn't need to flaunt his newest gadgets to others no matter how expensive or latest they maybe. A gentleman understands that a gentleman who needs to heighten his self-image by the conspicuous use of expensive gadgetry is a needy gentleman indeed. He, therefore, makes his use of a cellphone as inconspicuous as he can without coming across as acting absurd.

A gentleman knows that when hes in the company of others he must value their company & so he keeps his use of the cellphone to a bare minimum. For the incessant use of a cellphone conveys to those he is in the company of that he values the person on the other end of telephone as more important than the person hes in the company of. He therefore tries to avoid such ill-mannered & irritating behavior.

A gentleman realizes that his personal affairs are personal & he therefore does not force others to listen while he negotiates a stock deal or sketches his planned vacation next month in vivid detail.

If a gentleman finds himself in a situation when he truly must make or receive a call while he is in the company of others, he excuses himself politely & moves to a quiet place where he'd be the least nuisance to others whilst he talks on his cellphone. He would never be so rude & vain so as to cover the phone with his hand, turn to the side & mutter on the cellphone whilst being in the company of others.

A gentleman realizes that there are times when he should & times when he shouldn't receive a call.

A gentleman, therefore, does not use his cellphone when hes driving the car, in the middle of a religious service, a theater performance, at the movies, a concert, in the waiting room of an office, when standing in line, in the cabin of an airplane, in the elevator (unless hes alone) or at any other place where its explicitly notified that the use of cellphones is not permitted.

Similarly a gentleman knows that it is appropriate for him to use his cellphone when hes alone, hes certain that his usage would not disturb others, hes a doctor receiving a call from his office or one of his patients or if he truly believes that its an emergency.

Whenever a gentleman uses his cellphone or his headset in a crowded place he still keeps track of where hes going no matter how interesting the conversation is.

A gentleman does not use his camera-phone in a way that intrudes or appears to intrude on the privacy of others.

These are some of the tips, I read & I heard off the internet, in various books & by observing some of the gentlemen I know of - I hope it helps !


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