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Scammers Running Ramped

Updated on June 20, 2011

Rules to go by...

 So you want to find that someone special online. Does it really work? I am worried about being scammed or just played...

Yes it can work if you play it smart. There are scammers running ramped on the adult finder sites that look only at your profile. Not what you are saying but the profile that tells them who you are by the way you answered set questions. The more honest, the more easy going and the more caring a person you are the more likely you will be to become their next target.

I want people to be aware of this not to stop them from internet dating but to be careful and do your research. There is a very important rule that you should never deviate from no matter what the circumstances are: NEVER let me repeat that again NEVER NEVER NEVER ever send a person money that you have not yet in person. This will solve a lot of the scams that happen everyday. The scammers are in business to make money. If they stop making money at it it will go away.

Next thing to do is get a real name, age and state the person is from. Run a Google search on this person. With almost everyone around the world using Facebook, MySpace and Twitter something should come up to match the person you are searching for. Beware if you are not getting any matches on the person who says this is who they are. Search out any information they may have provided you with such as a death of a loved on lets say 2 years ago in Ohio in a motor vehicle accident. That is information that can be researched.

Most of the scammers I have dealt with online usually want their money sent through Western Union. That should be another red flag for you if you are thinking about breaking the main rule of NEVER sending money to someone you have never met in person. I was sent a scan of a passport to show me that the person I was dealing with was really who they told me they were. This was after I had questioned them on none of the information I had thus far was checking out. People please look at things closely. Anything can be counterfied even a passport.

If you can afford to send them money you can certianly make a trip to meet with them or at least make them think you will just come to them. The more they try to get you to just Western Union them the money then you will know that chances are it is a scam.

Remember you are searching for that special someone to spend the rest of their life with you, not your money. Don't get me wrong I found my special someone online but it just really irks me that others are trying to ruin something that can be good. My special someone was found in the Philippines. We are getting married and have purchased our 1st home together. It can work for you if you are careful.

There are paid services you can use to find out information on people but I have found that if you are not getting things to match up on the free searches, they are not going to match up when using the paid services.

Remember what should be the Number 1 Rule you go by: NEVER send someone you have not met personally money no matter what. Have fun and enjoy your online dating.


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    • 2patricias profile image

      2patricias 6 years ago from Sussex by the Sea

      This is a useful hub. Neither of us has ever tried online dating, but both of us Patricias have been targetted by would-be scammers.

      Scammers can make a great effort to gather details about you so that you will believe them when they say they need your money.

      The advice in this hub is spot on - never send money to somebody you have not personally met.